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The next transfer of the King? YB again uses FC Thun

Séoku Sanogo (left) and Renato Steffen also moved from Thun to YB.

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With Marvin Spielman, FC Thun loses a true performer to Canton rivals YB. Not for the first time, it attracted the best players from the Bern region in the country's capital.

Last August, Marvin Spielman prematurely broke his contract with FC Thun until 2022. About half a year later, he signed a contract with Bernese Young Boys for four years. However, the change is not a big surprise, but rather the logical next step for the 23-year-old who scored eleven goals in 33 points for the tuner this season and delivered eight assists. A glance at the past shows that this transfer is formally obvious.

Because YB was recently pleased with the commitment of the best Thuner player. Over the last six years, the 5th Bernland Oberlanders' key player has changed to the capital for the BSC Young Boys – and without exception they have also become the best performers in the ruling Swiss champions. «Bluewin» turns back:

Only after a season with FC Tung's first team in which he played at the beginning with U21 games laughs Renato Schtefen in the summer of 2013, the change in the Young Boys. In 19 appearances for the Thun Steffen Super Bowl he scored four goals and five assists and woke the interest of the best Swiss clubs as a quick and quick wing. YB Sports Director Freddy Bickel said: "At Steffen we had to act immediately. It would be a shame if Stefan von Thun had moved along Bern and went to another Super League club.

For YB Steffen finished 84 matches in all races and met 21 times on the net before moving to Basel in January 2016.

One year after Steffen, Sékou Sanogo also turned his back on the melodies for which he scored 6 goals and 3 assists in 65 games and became an increasingly key player in the midfield. It is this role that takes place in Bern and the show, especially in the crowning season of 2017/18. 13 goals and 16 assists in 138 performances speak a bit about the valuable role of the 29-year-old in the middle of the club. After his departure abroad he has appeared several times, but YB has a midterm engine in January, but has launched in Saudi Arabia to Al Ittihad.

Christian Fahnhut plays only one tuner season – but what? He is immediately an undisputed regular player and finished 36 games in which he scored ten goals and six assists. Current account, which also attracts the attention of rivals in the canton. In the summer of 2017, the then 23-year-old signed a four-year contract. YB Sports Director Spycher: "Christian is a fast, hungry and evolving player who can be used to offend in almost any position."

Breakthrough succeeds and Fassnacht continues to build on YB's good performance. So far in 91 games he has led him to 23 goals and 12 assists.

Sandro Lauper chooses the opposite route – so far. In 2015, he changed from YBs U21 to FC Thun's U21 and created a year later the leap in the first team of the Bernese Oberland. More and more often the central midfielder in the game Thun pulls the strings, denies 72 games and scores four goals. Last summer, his club returned it and Laupeer thanked him for very strong performances. The 22-year-old has 30 appearances in his returning YB season, including five in the Champions League. He also scored his first goal for the first team.

Marvin Spielman also dared to step forward by playing 82 times for Thun and scored 25 goals and 12 assists. There is a high expectation in Bern that the 23-year-old will also be established in the capital and will develop as well as his predecessors. YB sports director Spycher expects that: "He will ensure that it will be even harder to calculate in the offensive." Marvin is a player with great potential, and we are very happy that he has chosen YB. "

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