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There are most cinemas in these cities

New data from the Federal Statistical Office gives an idea of ​​the Swiss cinema landscape – we clarify the most important issues.

How often do we go to the movies?

As the number of tickets sold and the population increased, the number of records per capita has been constant since 1980.

Annual values ​​are highly dependent on the success of individual (successful) films. For example, in 1998, the Italian curve in Italian-speaking Switzerland came from the two films Titanic and La vita è bella, which were particularly well received in the "language region of the Mumbai Cinema". However, the multi-year trend is clearly pointing down.

Is there really a theatrical boom?

Yes, there is a theatrical boom. But that doesn't mean the canvas is dying! In the sixties, there were over 600 cinemas – almost all were one-room cinemas. Since then, the number of cinemas has halved. But not the number of cinemas: It's still going on about 600 screens Movies shown.

Switzerland's cinema infrastructure

Photo: Federal Statistical Office

Where are the other cinemas?

Overall, it was last year 276 cinemas, This map shows the number of cinemas by political community.

Which side are the films from?

The Swiss film Volkenbrook's Fancy Journey into the Hands of a Chic was the most successful film of the last year. But how big is the share of Swiss films shown in local cinemas?

3D Movies Are Modern?

No, 3D movie marketing has declined over the last five years. Every tenth movie that premiered in 2014 was a 3D movie. However, they were shown relatively frequently: 19% of all screenings included 3D films.

Today they are just 6% of all premiere 3D moviesbut overall they still represent 14% of all screenings.

3D Movies – Share of premiere movies and their performances in total

Photo: Federal Statistical Office

Major films due in the first half of 2019

Avengers: Endgame breaks all records

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