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"There is nothing better than Dortmund" – News Sport: Football

It was cursed, spat upon and gepoltert – until the walls were shaken. Walking into the closet is a special trial for the Bavarians. 2: 3 in Dortmund, seven points behind, a disaster. Suffering is almost unbearable for German record champion stars and is the same as losing face. "We allow ourselves to stay away twice, it can't happen," complained Bayern coach Niko Kovac then with a gloomy expression.

On the other hand, yellow-black happiness: loud cheers, strong shoulder beating and warm hugs. The two cabins at the Dortmund Arena catacomb are only ten meters away – but there is a world in between on this Saturday night. The mood barometer feels in stereo like between heaven and hell.

Clack, clack. First you only hear shoes. Clack, clack. Grasfetzen fell off cams as Manuel Akanji after a happy victory and lightly footed up the stairs and in the stomach of the stadium on the monitor in the interview zone, ranking when the Bundesliga saw. "I like the table," the Swiss defender said proudly and smiled.

Dortmund 27 points, Mönchengladbach 23, Bayern Munich 20. "Bayern want to show that they are number 1, but we have a strong performance," said Akanji. That was above all strong reactions after the first half and a 0:01 deficit. "Favre knows that Bayern can't keep up with it."

Bright madness

Although Niko Kovac's team responded to an immediate 2-1 equalizer, the visitors fell into the performance hole and immediately scored Reus's second goal. "It was a great match," said the man of the match later. "One has the feeling that we have more air and can get it." Flashy: Replaced for Mario Götze Paco Alcacer left the defense on the way to 3: 2 practically.

The majority of more than 81,000 spectators celebrated victory almost like winning the championship. "This is a good match for the audience," said Marwin Hitz, who as Goalie Number 2 on Saturday night replaced Bürki who was battered and described the atmosphere in the arena as "bright madness". Like Akanji, he said: "Maybe there is nothing better than Dortmund in the whole world." (Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet)

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