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These four warning signs show how healthy your heart is

Not only football games beat the hearts higher: When you have to check your time, among others reveal the following signs.

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The most common cause of death in Germany: cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart attack. But the heart can be protected if you recognize warning signs early.

As the largest muscle in the body, the heart beats about 100,000 times a day, pumping blood all over the body each time. Exploded for life, there are more than two billion blows together. But the heart is not immune to diseases: from high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis to stroke and heart attack, a range of cardiovascular diseases that are responsible for most of the deaths in Germany.

Therefore, not only a regular doctor's examination is extremely important, but also a sense of one's own body: Our body shows, for example, by night tachycardia that something is wrong. But we have to take other signals seriously,

Sick heart? We must take these warning signals seriously

first Diagonal fold in the ear can mean heart disease. Thus, an Indian doctor came to the astonishing finding that most of his ear wrinkled ear ache suffered from coronary artery disease characterized by atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis) in the coronary arteries. In addition, all patients with ear wrinkles are affected by hypertension.

second Smooth, yellowish-orange fat deposits on the hands, knees, or upper lid may also be a disease indicator, as FOCUS reports. Thus, they are characterized by an elevated cholesterol level, which is considered a risk factor for arteriosclerosis, which in turn promotes the development of a stroke or a heart attack.

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third observation glass are another indicator of heart disease. Rounded deformed nails lead doctors to a lack of supply of tissue with oxygen back. Focus may be behind heart failure.

4th Who spotted a white ring around the iris in the eye, you should also go to a doctor. Especially in the elderly, the so-called "Grasessengen" is more common: it is caused by fatty deposits and may be a sign of lipid metabolism and heart disease.

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