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This really helps you against the unpleasant fungus of your nails

Those who suffer from nail fungus are ashamed of their toes – especially in the summer when Flippers & Co are back in fashion. But it will finally release him.

Crisp, yellow toenails that look just unappetizing: Who is tortured by the nails he wants most to hide his legs. but Legal remedies from the promise of a pharmacyBut can they keep their promises?

Follicular nail fungus – this is behind it

At least you are not alone – for every sixth German is affected by the ugly discoloration, as reported by, In the over 65s it must be even every second. The spicy thing: often sufferers notice too late what they really suffer.

Usually the infection starts without harm: the nail turns slightly and clouds. If the nail gradually becomes yellowish-brown, thickens and begins to crumble, you must react immediately. Then the infection is no longer overlooked – and it is already advanced. However, this is less associated with poor hygiene,

But what then favors fingernails?

already if you hit or wear too tight shoes, it can get to Miko injuries in the nail. A found eating, so to speak of mushroom pathogens, which can then penetrate. Problem: The fungus should be treated immediately – because he is heavily infected,

If you are lucky and the fungus has not yet reached the nail growth area, it is usually sufficient Antifungal varnish from the pharmacy to fight the infection. They usually contain one antifungal agent,

Antifungal paints from the pharmacy: What can they do?

You have a choice between Amorolfine, which attacks the fungus from the outside or ciclopirox acting insideThe application is very easy – you should only apply the paint regularly to the infected fingernail. Note, though, if Paint waterproof or water-soluble it is.

Waterproofing has the advantage that a protective layer of lacquer is quickly placed over the nail from which the active ingredient penetrates into the nail. But be careful: Before you use it for the first time, you need to remove infected nails using a file or scissors. In addition, the paint dissolves repeatedly with a removable nail polish and is applied again.

Water-soluble paints, on the other hand, are very thin solutions that are painted on the nail. They penetrate instantly into the infected claw – and thus eliminates further submission or removal. But which of the products really helps in the long run?

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Water-soluble dyes show more success against nail fungus

Efficacy was verified in two studies. The result: In both, the water-soluble nail polish has achieved the best results at the end of the treatment periodHowever, if the fungal infection is very advanced, nail polish will no longer help. Then you have no choice but to go to a doctor.

This is especially true when The sponge has already reached the nail growth area or treatment with antifungicide lacquer does not want to hit even after months. This is in addition to nail polish well tablets prescribes. Do not forget with all the treatments: It is very important for the healing process to continue until the claw becomes clear and healthy again.

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