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Thun / Bern: Thun-based companies mixed in the gray ticket market – News Region: Bern & Region

Hard guitar, thick fog of art and lots of fire: The visit of German hard rock band Rammstein on June 5 is likely to be a Berner concert next year. Who wants to miss? Thus, the run is on the ticket: Many fans try their luck at presale days two weeks ago for hours, many of which are in vain.

Intricate personalization of tickets delaying purchases at Ticketcorner portal. With personalization, organizers try to prevent price erosion by ticket sellers. However: «Because tickets are not sold too expensive. How about all tickets? They sell tickets for 349 francs! », A reader commented on the newspaper's website an article about the beginning of presale.

The most aggressive Viagogo

Alltickets is a Thuner company. He is one of the few providers in the big ticket sales business. Every time the supply exceeds demand, traders come into play who want to benefit from the scarcity of cards. Be it at concerts or at sporting events (see box).

The most aggressive is Viagogo, an international company based in Geneva. In "20 minutes," a reader reported this week that he ordered six Rammstein tickets from Viagogo for 200 francs and received 4930 francs, including strange fees. Again and again, the organizer warned Viagogo.

«Such a portal is a rare inventory. That raises prices and ultimately always harms fans » Philippe Cornu, organizer of the Rammstein concert

If you are looking for tickets on Google, Viagogo usually appears as the first hit. This company gives Google a lot of money because it is above. For many customers, this event is misleading, they think Viagogo is an official ticket seller and they pay too much for tickets – even if an event is not sold at all. The intransparent business causes problems: in the past two years, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs received 800 complaints.

And all tickets? Are they better than many scolded competitions? This company was leased to Aarestrasse 28 in Thun, the managing director was Hannes Kaufmann and Thomas Flückiger. Kaufmann refused the meeting, with pictures he did not want to appear in the newspaper, he answered questions only in writing.

Transparency in all tckets?

For him, the business of ticket sales is unfair to have a sad reputation. "We have a lot of returning customers, which our services have made possible, are still concert visits," Kaufmann wrote. Customers have bad experiences with other providers. "We are trying to counteract the bad image of the secondary market with good service."

Compared to Viagogo, this company works transparently: This website clearly states that Alltickets is a retailer. The original price is stated and there are no hidden fees. In addition, customers can reach the company through chat.

But someone asked further, it became blurry. How are all tickets to the ticket? How do companies set prices? Ticket prices will be determined by third parties, writes Kaufmann, which determines the relationship between supply and demand. Those who are "third parties", namely intermediaries who buy tickets for Allticket, Kaufmann does not want to say it. He wrote that it was only about "ticket partners verified by us". Because many people work for Allticket, he does not want to mention, "the number of employees fluctuates seasonally".

«We don't like everyone»

So you can safely buy tickets at providers like all tickets? Philippe Cornu, organizer of the Rammstein concert, advised concert visitors in principle to order tickets only through the official presale channel. "The Graumarkt can't be trusted." Like every organizer, he knows how to report very disappointed fans who can't go to concerts because their tickets are invalid. From the guarantee of the Alltickets company, unlike Viagogo to guarantee the authenticity of the ticket, he held little. "We don't all agree."

Don't third-party providers include the need for big fans who want to go to concerts? Is the price as desired? "The fact is: Portals like Viagogo and Alltickets have an interest in buying as many tickets as possible. This shortens inventory, raises prices and ultimately harms fans," Cornu said.

There is no legal basis for interventions that are consistent with usury. The Billettweiterverkauf is a gray market: Basically it's free to resell items obtained. This right must also be given for personalized tickets. If the ticket holder is prevented, he must have the opportunity to continue his ticket. Ticketcorner offers this service in the weeks leading up to the concert for costs – creating a gap for ticket sellers. However, Cornu believes that at least "higher obstacles" were created.

There are no worries

In the future, presale platforms such as Ticketcorner may not be there to arrange ticket purchases themselves through file sharing on their website. That will help them to deal better with excess prices. Despite criticism from organizers: Moral Attention Hannes Kaufmann did not have. He did not see himself as a driver of price. "Because we bought tickets through third parties, we cannot confirm this," he said. Allticket provides valuable services and offers a high level of security. He can guarantee that Rammstein ticket buyers will receive valid and personalized cards. Where: Rammstein is now out of stock at Alltickets.

(Berner newspaper)

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