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Thun won in Lucerne and returned to the cup final for the first time since 1955 (!)

Goalkeeper Gelmi (with Bidon) and his colleagues celebrate their triumph. Photo: KEYSTONE

Thun won in Lucerne and returned to the cup final for the first time since 1955 (!)

FC Tung is in the final for the second time in the history of his club. Bernhard Oberlanders dominated a strong competitive match and a bit of luck against FC Luzern after a late strike by Roy Gelmi 1-0.

The gate

Roy Gelmi fired FC Thun in the Cup final. The defense player hit the 80th minute after a mistake from Lucerne goalkeeper David Zibung – and as a close look, after ambush of a team-mate.

Dennis Salanovic (white in the middle) plays Dejan Sorgic's ball at the beginning. Then Sorgic puts Gelmi scorer.

A goal that would not be possible with Video Chiri. picture: srf

The game

After the first half hour Lucerne was much closer to the lead. Blessing Eleke barely missed a goal (54th) and with the replacement of Pascal Schurpf the hosts again raised the pressure. Thomas Häberli's team, however, failed to score a goal, even looking for a balance in the five-minute suspension. Clear chances of winning the FCL but no more to get another home defeat. Lucerne is the weakest host in the Super League.


"I really do not care if the goal is right or not," says Coon's coach Mark Schneider in SRF over the golden hit. "Lucerne is a tough opponent for us. That's why it was a difficult game today. I'm really happy for the players and the fans. »

Together with about 500 fans, the Thun players celebrate. Photo: KEYSTONE

"Before the game we said that Thun last time in 1955 was in the final of the Cup. We said we could have one chance in life to achieve this goal, "says Thun's protector Stefan Glaener. However, he misses this opportunity because he was warned and locked in the final. – That's bitter. But now someone else is playing for me and then we get this bucket!

"That it was in an ambush, we can not buy anything now," says coach Lucerne Thomas Haberley, – It's part of the football. We have to influence what we can influence. We were too fast on the gate, so we have to get it right. Football is sometimes difficult, we must accept it. We need to make better use of our capabilities. Of course, if you are in the semi-finals and you play this dominance, then you hope for more. Luck was not on our side.

The telegram

Lucerne – Thun 0: 1 (0: 0)
12 viewers. – SR Jaccottet.
Thor: 80. Gelmi (Sorgic) 0: 1.
Lucerne: Zibung; Kakabadze, Lucas, Chirkovich, Sidler; Voca, Ndenge (62th Custodio); Vargas, Schneiuly (87th Demjasaj), Rodriguez (58th Schürpf); Eleke.
Tung: FAIVRE; Glarner, Rodrigues, Sutter, Joss (39th Salanovic); Gels; Ferreira, Karlen, Stillhart, Spielmann (70th Tosetti); Sorgic.
Notes: Lucerne without Schultz, Schweler (both), Juric, Knezevic and Schmidt (all injured). Thun without Da Silva, Kablan (both stopped), Hediger and Ruberto (both injured). 38. Joss is injured. Attention: 56. Ndenge, 71. Rodrigues, 85. Glarner, 90. Cirkovic, 93. Sidler (foul). (SDA)

The ultimate opponent

The second semi-final is on Thursday under the program: In Letzigrundstadion called FC Zurich in the form of strong FC Basel. (RAM)

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