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Tobacco advertising – Health commission strengthens protection of minors – News


Cigarette advertising should be banned in the press and the Internet. Under-18s should also be allowed to buy without luggage.

Since the unsuccessful sponsorship of the tobacco pavilion in Dubai by tobacco multifolk advertisement, Philip Morris has become a public focus. The case also affected the councils of the Tobacco Products Act of the State Health Committee (SGK-S).

With 11: 0 votes (with two abstentions), SGK-S decided to ban advertising in print and the Internet, as well as more effective protection of minors. A total ban on tobacco advertising should not exist in the future.

Prohibition of sponsorship by public authorities

The Philip Morris / EDA case was too much for the Lucerne Conrad Graber State Council. In the fog of sponsoring history, Graber demanded a ban on tobacco sponsorship for the public sector when discussing the new tobacco law. It happened quickly today.

Nevertheless, Lucerne is only half satisfied with the tightening. «Nobody wanted this case. But if even now the public sector is heading in a direction that goes against its own goals, protecting minors and preventing it, then the legislature will take additional articles, "Graber told the SRF.

Zigis Switzerland from 18 only

In addition to sponsorship, the health commission has tightened its protection on minors. Minors can now no longer buy tobacco and e-cigarettes. Switzerland will have a minimum age of 18 years to buy tobacco in the future, today it is 16 years in 12 cantons.

Advertising restrictions Yes, no

The bill announced today bans tobacco and e-cigarette advertising when it is "targeted at minors," e.g. on school supplies, toys or in publications intended primarily for minors.

However, certain forms of advertising are also possible, such as cinema advertising, posters in public spaces, or sponsorship of national outdoor emissions by tobacco companies. Cantons can prohibit this.

State Health Committee Chairman Joachim Eder (FDP / ZG) is pleased with today's discussions. All work is a compromise. "Advertising is still possible, we have no ban on advertising nationwide." But the protection of minors was also clearly developed with the new tobacco-friendly "convenience" law, so Eder.

"Kids without tobacco" is actually a ban on advertising

The protection of minors goes too far for the State Council of Biel Hans Stockley (SP / BE). Therefore, a popular initiative that wants to present a committee during the fall session, "any type of advertising" that reaches young people and children, should be banned. In fact, it is a ban on advertising, fear of bourgeois advisers like Erich Etlin (CVP / OW).

Stöckli believes that collecting signatures on the Children Without Tobacco initiative has already worked. The initiative has many positive effects. "We hope to continue this with the pressure," says Stockley.

A tightened tobacco law is expected in the Council of States in the fall. As early as 2016, Parliament was debating a first version of the law. However, Parliament rejected the Federal Review Council's bill.

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