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Transfer Ticker: Mario Mandzukic before returning to Bayern Munich


Major transfers in summer 2019


GC takes down the wings of Juve +++ Samassékou in the next plastic club

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Transfer Closure to European Top Leagues:

  • England: closed on 8 august
  • Germany: September 2
  • Italy: September 2
  • Spain: September 2
  • France: September 2
  • Switzerland: September 2

GC bears the wings of Juventus

Challenge League club GC there is Kevin Monzialo did. For France, he played two U18 internationals, he came from Juventus offspring to the Hoppers. They release him for the season and have the opportunity to fix Monzialo afterwards. (RAM)

Kevin Monzialo
Position: Left Outer
Age: 19
Market value: EUR 100,000
2018/19 Record: 32 matches, 0 goals

Samassékou from one "plastic club" to the next

on TSG Hoffenheim there is a new transfer record. Diadi Samaseku it came from the Red Bull Salzburg, worth 12 million euros. The transfer fee may increase depending on your success with the new club. (RAM)

Diadie Samassékou ??
Position: Defensive midfielder
Age: 23 years old
Market value: EUR 20 million
2018/19 Record: 45 games, 2 goals

Manjukic before returning to Bayern

The Croatian faction seems to be joining Bayern Munich Still Growing: The German record champion obviously wants it Mario Mandzukic download. As Calciomercato reports, transfer is inevitable.

The 33-year-old striker is planned to support the center in Munich Robert Lewandowski who have repeatedly requested transfers over the past week. Manjukic can also play on the wing. Juventus are said to require a transfer fee of € 10 million, but there is a loan business in the room like Ivan Perisic. (Pre)

Mario Mandzukic
Position: Center Forward
Age: 33 years
Market value: EUR 18 million
2018/19 Record: 33 matches, 10 goals

Winner of the Gladbach Africa Cup

Borussia Monchengladbach strengthens its defense Rami Bensebaini. The 24-year-old changes from Stade Rennes to Bökelberg. With Algeria, Bensebaini won this summer as a regular player of the African Cup. "He can be used as a left back or centrist and has a lot of experience from three successful years with a very good club in the French Ligue 1," said Borussia's sports director Max Eberl. (RAM)

Rami Bensebani ??
Position: Defense
Age: 24 years
Market value: EUR 8 million
2018/19 Record: 39 matches, 3 goals

Monaco brings Ben Yeder out of Seville

Wissam Ben Yedder joins Sevilla for 40m euros AS Monaco, The French striker has signed a contract with the Monegasque until 2024. In return, the right-wingers are leaving Roni Lopez the opposite way. Ben Yeder is the third most expensive transfer in AS Monaco history. Only Colombians James Rodriguez and Falcao were even more expensive with EUR 45 and 43 million respectively in 2013 (Pre)

Wissam Ben Yedder ??
Position: Center Forward
Age: 29
Market value: EUR 40 million
2018/19 Record: 54 matches, 30 goals

Should Jovich leave again?

There is EUR 60 million Real Madrid for Luka Jovic paid. However, the Serb may be attracted because coach Zinedine Zidane was not pleased with his performance in preparation. Real, Jovic is said to be testing for another season Eintracht Frankfurt to play. The Bundesliga Club is looking for another heir to … Luka Jovic. (RAM)

Luka Jovich ??
Position: storm
Age: 21
Market value: EUR 60 million
2018/19 Record: 48 games, 27 goals
Source: Don Balon

Brescia is courting Balotelli

Is the bird of paradise returning home? Mario Balotelli, who is still out of contract for the new season Barks Calcho on the slip. The former international will check the Series A bid for the bargain, they say. (RAM)

Mario Balotelli ??
Position: storm
Age: 29
Market value: EUR 20 million
2018/19 Record: 25 games, 8 goals
source: Sky Sports

Young Icelanders to Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund is obviously facing a commitment from Kolbeinn Birgir Finnsson. The 19-year-old must sign a three-year contract with BVB. At the moment, Finson is still in the offspring of the English second division Brentford. Also in Dortmund he was originally assigned to the U23 team. (RAM)

Kolbeinn Birgir Finnsson ??
Position: Central midfielder
Age: 19
Market value: EUR 50,000
2018/19 Record: 14 matches, 2 goals
Source: Dagbladid Visir

Rakitic doesn't want to leave

on FC Barcelona still trying to get Neymar back. It is suggested that the Catalans also offer a number of players that PSG must receive in return. Among them is Ivan Rakitic. The Croatian international has made it clear: Without me I want to stay with Barca! (RAM)

Ivan Rakitic ??
Position: Central midfielder
Age: 31
Market value: EUR 40 million
2018/19 Record: 54 matches, 5 goals
source: El Chiringuito

Omeruo tackles Leganes

defender Kenneth Omeruo definitely belongs to the spanish first division CD Leganes. The 50-time Nigerian national was previously occupied by Chelsea, now Londoners have sold him for 7 million. Omeruo has been with Chelsea since 2012, but he only played the U23's Blue team and was always on loan. (RAM)

Kenneth Omeruo ??
Position: Central Defense
Age: 25
Market value: EUR 5 million
Record 2018/19: 31 Matches

Dumbia is back

Triple A Super League Goalie I will sit in Dumbia is on the market. 31-year-old Ivorre terminated his contract with FC Girona after a disappointing season. In 17 appearances Dumbia scored only two goals, Girona left the Primera Division. Is he coming back to Switzerland now? (RAM)

Seidou Dumbia ??
Position: storm
Age: 31
Market value: EUR 1.5 million
2018/19 Record: 22 matches, 3 goals

Bayram is changing in Empoli

Nedim Byram leaves Zurich Grass Club and change loan with option of Italian club Serie B FC Empoli, Bayram went through all the junior classes at GC and made his debut in 2017 for the Hoppers first team. Bayram has scored six goals in 75 games for the Zurich club. (Abu)

Nedim Bayram ??
Position: Offensive midfielder
Age: 20
Market value: EUR 2.5 million
2018/19 Record: 33 matches, 3 goals

Will Rodriguez change in the Bundesliga?

Schalke 04 obviously there is an eye Ricardo Rodriguez thrown. Royal Blue looking for Calciomercato, no left back, which would be option 1B Robin Gossens by Atalanta Bergamo. Schalke has not yet made a written offer to Rodriguez in Milan, but he already has contacts. The contract of the Swiss player Nati in Milan continues until 2021, it should cost about 15 million euros. (Pre)

Ricardo Rodriguez ??
Position: left back
Age: 26 years
Market value: EUR 17 million
2018/19 Record: 41 matches, 0 goals

Fresh Neymar Deals

The two Spanish top clubs continue to compete for the PSG star Neymar. on FC Barcelona see presented its latest proposal: Paris Saint-Germain will also cost EUR 100 million Philip Coutinho and Ivan Rakitic receive.

competitor Real Madrid fights for the Brazilian too. The royals would have 120 million euros and midfielders James Rodriguez it is offered, it is said. But the Parisians would have preferred the Colombians instead Isco we have. (RAM)

Record transfer in Austria

champion Red Bull Salzburg there is the Austrian International Maximilian Weber made by Seville and thus made a national record transfer. The transfer fee is up to € 12 million, according to media reports. The defender receives a five-year contract.

Vober ​​is with him So far the most expensive new entry in the history of the Austrian Bundesliga. He was moved from Rapid to Ajax Amsterdam in 2017. He only worked in Seville for half a year. (RAM / SDA)

Maximilian Weber ??
Position: Central Defense
Age: 21
Market value: EUR 10 million
2018/19 Record: 24 matches

Perisic to Bavaria is fixed

Changing to Ivan Perisic to Bayern Munich now it's official. Croatia changes loan for a year from Inter Milan of the German record champion. Bavaria then has a purchase option. "Ivan will immediately help us with his years of experience at the international top level," said sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. (Time)

Ivan Perisic ??
Position: Left Outer
Age: 30
Market value: EUR 30 million
2018/19 Record: 45 games, 9 goals

Haas continues in the B series

midfielder Nicolas Haas denies the new season Frosinone. The central Swiss will be relegated by Atalanta Bergamo to a Serie B club again, last season was Palermo. Two years ago Haas moved from Lucerne to Italy, where he has played nine Serie A. games so far (RAM)

Nicolas Haas ??
Position: Central midfielder
Age: 23 years old
Market value: EUR 2 million
2018/19 Record: 33 matches, 1 goal

Barbecues in Valencia again

Manchester City separates from Eliakim Mangala. Often the injured and rejected defender changes to a free transfer to FC Valencia. It has been one of the borrowing stations of the eight-fold French international in recent years. (RAM)

Eliakim Mangala ????
Position: Central Defense
Age: 28
Market value: EUR 10 million
2018/19 Record: 5 matches in the reserve team

A new midfielder

The napkin has lent the French midfielder for the rest of the season Rayan Souici did. The 21-year-old former junior international has been signed to Saint-Etienne, but for the past year and a half he has played for the Parisian suburb of Antalya GAS in the third league. (SDA)

Rayan Souici ??
Position: midfielder
Age: 21
Market value: EUR 150 thousand
2018/19 Record: 37 matches, 2 goals

Not a trace of Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain is obviously facing a future without Neymar a. Anyway, the video concludes that a Brazilian portal reporter made it to a PSG fan store in the French capital. There he no longer found evidence of Neymar. (RAM)

Bayern negotiates with Coutinho

FC Barcelona should be ready Philip Coutinho for Bayern Munich for rent. The Catalans have to lend the Brazilian even without a loan, and Bayern will have to "just" pay a salary of 11 million euros per season. Now, Munich is in talks with Coutinho's advisers, it is said. From Germany, however, the latter heard that Bayern had no interest in the player because with Ousmane Dembélé with another actor from Barca. (RAM)

Philip Coutinho ??
Position: Left Outer
Age: 27
Market value: EUR 90 million
2018/19 Record: 54 matches, 11 goals
sources: And Bol Sports Photo

Dybala Consultant in Paris

Paulo Dybala may happen soon PSG change – as Neymar's replacement? His agent has already been spotted in the French capital, which is said to be in talks for Juventus' transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

Inter also apparently continue to court Dybala, who is said to be a deal with strikers Mauro Icardi have offered. But Ikardi is also high in Roma, he needs to change to the capital while One Jack to take the opposite route. (RAM)

Paulo Dybala ??
Position: Hanging countertop
Age: 25
Market value: EUR 85 million
2018/19 Record: 42 matches, 10 goals
Source: RAI

Bail can stay in Madrid

there is Gareth Bale is there a future for Real Madrid? The underdog Welshman has been on the field in a friendly 2-2 match against AS Roma after not being relegated to three previous games. "Bale is a Real Madrid player," coach Zinedine Zidane said afterwards. "Anything can happen by August 31, but we rely on all our players."

Zidane also spoke James Rodriguez who after his loan in Bayern Munich is also under contract again with Real Madrid and for whom no client has yet been found. Rodriguez was not in the squad against the Roma. To the rumor that the "royal" around Neymar try, the coach said no. (RAM)

Gareth Bale
Position: Right wing
Age: 30
Market value: EUR 60 million
2018/19 Record: 42 matches, 14 goals

The future of Özil in the US?

German World Champion Mesut Ozil can play in MLS soon. at DC United in Washington he has to replace Wayne Rooney as a figure. England's alt-international changes in the winter in Derby County's second division, where he will play both as a player and as an assistant coach. Özil consultants have started negotiations with DC United, the player is likely to win much less in the US. (RAM)

Mesut Josil ??
Position: Offensive midfielder
Age: 30
Market value: EUR 25 million
Source: Express

Big question marks in Pogba's future

Does it stay or leave? Paul Pogbas Future in Manchester united is still uncertain. In a 4-0 victory at the season opener against Chelsea, the Frenchman was in the squad. Still, after the game, he says, “I know what it says about my future. I'm in Manchester right now and I'm having fun, but we'll see. There are still big questions. »

in particular Real Madrid should be interested in the world champion. (Abu)

Paul Pogba
Position: Central midfielder
Age: 26 years
Market value: EUR 100 million
2018/19 Record: 47 games, 16 goals
Source: Sky

Milan joins Rebic Poker

How important preliminary Reich for consent Frankfurt he showed yesterday. In the first round of the DFB Cup, he shot his team against Mannheim with a hat trick. Croatia threatens team Adi Hütter but keep on leaving

Meanwhile, not only is more Inter Milan, but also their urban rivals AC power kite interested in the offensive player. Frankfurt still hopes to keep its hopes, but at the same time requires around 40m euros for it (abu)

Ante Rebich ??
Position: Hanging countertop
Age: 25
Market value: EUR 40 million
2018/19 Record: 28 matches, 9 goals
Source: Sky

Sarah has too many players in the lineup

Juventus Turin there is much to do about the transfer summer: the Italian series champion obviously has too many players in the squad, but does not take them away. the returning Gonzalo Higuain he wants to stay, and so do his weeds Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukicwhich Juve tried to give. Even in central midfield there is oversupply, there is Sami Khedira and Blaise Matuidi Candidates for change.

Now the coach comments Mauricio Sari The problem with Sky Sports: "We have to eliminate six players from the Champions League team. If we don't, the choices we have to make are crazy. The last 20 days on the market will be difficult for us. It's a difficult and disturbing situation. because we run the risk of getting out of the squad list. "(Zap)

Toprak from Dortmund to Bremen

Borussia Dortmund his squad continues to thin out. Center back Ömer Toprak changes loan with a buy option Bremen Bremen, "Homer is a fast-paced centrist who has been playing at the highest level for years," Bremen coach Florian Kohfelt awaited his new signing. (Time)

Ömer Toprak
Position: Center back
Age: 30
Market value: EUR 5 million
2018/19 Record: 19 matches, 4 goals

Kagawa to the Spanish Second Division

Dortmund Shinji Kagawa changes in Spain with immediate effect and closes a little surprisingly the second division Real Zaragoza onwards. Most recently, the Japanese midfielder was lent to Besiktas Istanbul. On the 1995 Cup Winner, the 30-year-old Japanese signed a two-year contract. The transfer fee is estimated at around five million euros. (Pre)

Shinji Kagawa ??
Position: Offensive midfielder
Age: 30
Market value: EUR 6 million
2018/19 Record: 19 matches, 4 goals

BVB allows Philip to move to Moscow

Maximilian Philip left Borussia Dortmund and joined the Russian First Division Dynamo Moscow onwards. The former German ex-Under-21 has signed a four-year contract by 2023. Apparently Dynamo have agreed with BVB a transfer fee of around € 20 million. With that, Philip resolves the duo Alexander Kokorin and Balash Zudsack, each of which came for 19m euros from Anji Mahachkala, as the most expensive new addition to the club's history.

Maximilian Philip ??
Position: Hanging countertop
Age: 25
Market value: EUR 13 million
2018/19 Record: 23 matches, 2 goals

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