Sunday , June 20 2021

TV review: «The Undertaker», episode «Phoenix of the ashes»

Luc Conrad (Mike Muller) hesitates but does not die. Although at the end of the last season's Bestatter season there are possibilities for continuation, the chances are small: After 40 episodes, the story is told, the characters are tired.

The most important question has already been answered before the end of the yesterday evening, those after a possible sequel. Mike Müller (55) playing in the hearts of the SRF audience since 2013 as "Undertaker" Luc Conrad no longer likes. "If we succeed in the last season, we can retreat with dignity and say we have not completely squeezed the lemon," he said last summer.

Luc Conrad gets out of his life

The second most important question remains: Is the burial dying at last? After an impressive clash in the cave caves of Gränichen AG, Conrad lay on the ground struck by villain Lara Hauser (Annina Walt, 22) before whose mother he had sheltered. Life passed by him in time, you had to be afraid of the worst.

But at Lara's funeral he was still upright, still in a wheelchair, looking battered and gloomy but alive. At the opening aperitif of the new funeral business, Conrad handed over his share to partner Fabio Testi (33-year-old Resto Stallander) – and he disappeared. "Relax," he murmured. To reappear on a nameless beach, in shorts, a light shirt, and reading a holiday. "Is this place free of charge for you?" he asked a man on a lounger in Spanish with a surprising accent. The one who was addressed was silent – he was asleep facing the sea.

The lemon has almost no juice

The dead continue to follow Conrad. And the viewer suddenly no longer knows whether the most important question is actually responsible. But Muller also said in an interview last summer: "We really wanted to tear apart before we were shot." In view of the last story can be said: Many juice is really in this lemon is no longer left. The story of a brother and sister on a murderous round of revenge was bad, and especially Anina Walt as Lara's inconvenience, which secretly wanted a much faster end. Commissioner Reto Doerig (Samuel Streiff, 43) leaves the police. Former Anna-Maria Giovanoli (Barbara Terporente, 43 years old) has found a new love affair, along with Fabio Tests. And the old dead man refuses his spirit for ever. Let's give peace to the Undertaker. He deserves it.

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