Wednesday , September 22 2021

UEFA Champions League – Bayern-AEK – Bayern – AEK 2: 0: votes for matches

Bayern only made a small step in the 2-0 defeat of AEK to finally fulfill their own claims, but coach Niko Kovač agreed with his team's performance. His colleague Marinos Ouzounidis also received praise for his team.

Niko Kovač, Bayern coach
We deserve to win and not allow anything. In the second half we had to give each other prizes and shoot two, three goals. It wasn't fireworks, but that was not expected.

There is no convenience now, we have to solve it very hard. We certainly have to improve against Dortmund, but it will be a completely different match. Dortmund also play forward.

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Robert Lewandowski, Bavaria
It's not an easy game. In the current phase, we must fight for every victory. Sometimes it doesn't matter if we don't play super offensively and score a lot of goals.

We struggle to bring our forms to the top. It's just our goal, but we need time for that. Everything went well in the second half and on Saturday [gegen Dortmund] it gets better.

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Marinos Ouzounidis, AEK coach
I think my team hopes for a good game. We want to put pressure on our opponents winger and thus get space. We don't just play defensively and we also want to have possession.

That's why we played with four midfielders, with the aim of letting the ball run in its own rank. Maybe we can do a little more, but we play on this system for the first time. I am satisfied with my team. "

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