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VBS takes 120 Swiss craftsmen – SonntagsZeitung

David Glaser, head of a mechanical repair firm in Heimberg, in the canton of Bern, was too happy. Three years ago, at the request of VBS have decided to modernize 2220 old army trucks for the disproportionately high cost of 200,000 francs from scratch.

The order of half a billion Swiss francs was received by Thurgauer Panzerfabrik Mowag, belonging to the US military General Dynamics. However, DDPS has promised Mowag will award 170 Swiss companies. It's called industrial policy, Glauser was happy.

But now there is an angry awakening for him and many other small companies. For DDPS he concealed important: he also awarded Mowag's annual maintenance and repair contract secretly with Duro's main upgrade order. And the American group immediately handed it over to the Swedish Scania car maker rather than sticking to the previous army practice and looking at small Swiss companies.

120 repairers all over Switzerland who have done their job so far lose one thing all the more because regular repairs and maintenance work. Over the last decade, orders amount to about 40 million francs.

Practically, the orders were stopped overnight

Glauser is among the 120 losers. "We had a mechanic on a truck specializing in these vehicles. Duro's support accounted for up to 70% of his work, "says Glauser. His company generates annual sales between CHF 100,000 and CHF 150,000 with Duros. Glauser's trust in the state has suffered. As Mowag receives this basic repair contract at hand, which is without a tender or competitive bidding.

Beat Wehren from Hasliberg in Bernese Oberland is also one of the fighters. He also has a commercial vehicle repair company. And he also specialized in Duros: "We kept about 20 lumps a year. To get these orders, I had to do a course. To increase our flexibility, we have purchased an extra lift for Duros. "

Practically, the orders were stopped overnight. Balloons consider the action to be "unfair". Many other companies tell the same story. Most do not want to express themselves publicly; you do not want to confuse it with the powerful VBS.

Armasuisse talks about "cost effectiveness"

What troubles traders particularly sour: The bosses of the tank factory have told them they can now turn to it to continue serving the Duro service. Glauser applies. He received a brief answer: his location was inappropriate.

The same happened to the other 120 people. For many traders it is clear: Mowag's request is a farce, Mowag has long known that they provide all Scania support and service.

"We do not think it is true that Mowag was allowed to spend so much money on support that is paid out with federal funds over the next 20 years and without a transparent call for tender," says Glauser. Mowag does not want to comment on this. Armasuisse, DDPS's procurement office, justifies its cost-effectiveness approach. The fact that it did not publicly announce the main order to repair Mowag justifies it with an exception clause in the law.

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