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Verona Poet unpacked in a book about marriage with Dieter Bollen

Verona Pooth unpacked Dieter Bollen in her new biography. She has nothing to say about her ex-husband. Her conclusion: "He was a liar."

"Four weeks of marriage, a four-day hospital, two people, a divorce." So Verona Pout (50) sums up in her new biography, "Take All, Give A Lot! The principle of Verona »her turbo marriage to Dieter Bollen (65) together. The Bild quotes from the book – and the promo icon does not leave good hair to the pop-titans.

Even at the first meeting in the disco, Bolen would ask her: "Hey! Do you have time to marry me? She had already realized that he meant "dead seriously." In the following "877 appointments," nothing has happened between them. Still, her plank suddenly gave her a diamond ring: "Just like nowhere." Dieter, the world's biggest marauder, bought a dear ring for a woman who had not yet kissed. "After all, they would just get married "Intact".

– I heard a sober <ass!

But the sky did not hang long, full of violins. Point of Collision: The Pop Titan for three years together with Nadia Abd El Farag (53) together. On the phone from Las Vegas (USA), Bolen had confessed that she would marry Pout (then Feldbush). "I heard your sober" ass! "" On May 7, 1997, the two gave a common saying – they did not sign a marriage contract.

But a week after the marriage, Bolen woke up. Back in Germany it took "no 24 hours" until "the house blessed the van." "I realized the question of the marriage contract was still burdening him. Once again, when I asked if we could make a retrospective agreement with the notary, I agreed. We agreed that no matter how long I would marry him, I would spend half a million German marks on a split.

Divorce filed after fraud

But the marriage problems were not resolved afterwards: "Unfortunately, he also lied after signing the contract, and when I caught him with Bede in bed and so I got to a huge controversial drama, I filed the divorce."

When Boleyn appeared in their apartment, Pop-Titan even became tangible: "Dieter is a left hand and with that hand he bent. A strong slap with the flat arm, which was so unhappy, that my eardrum was broken, I struck my rim and my face burst.

When she returned after attending a doctor where she had to stitch her face, Bolen had to call her. "I realized that if this incident came out, he would lie to me and portray me as a perpetrator," Pout wrote. When she summoned her conversation with her best friend, she fainted. She then went to the taxi hospital where she was treated for four days. On May 27, 1997, after 20 days of marriage, the two were divorced. (Klm)

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