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Verona Pooth publishes couple photos at Instagram

Updated April 25, 2019, 07:58

Verona Pout and her husband Franjo Pout are a couple of 19 years old. The host celebrated this anniversary with several photos at Instagram.

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After a short marriage to Dieter Bollen, Verona Pout, at that time still Feldbush, knows and loves Franjo Pout.

Meanwhile, the lead and the entrepreneur are a couple of 19 years old. This made the 50-year-old give her husband an Instagram love affair.

Verona Pooth publishes couple photos at Instagram

In the social network Verona Pooth publishes a photo where she can be seen at a boat port with her husband Franjo. At the time of the recording, they both seem to be engrossed in a conversation. In the comment he writes the ad icon briefly: "19 years". She added seven more emoticons.

Under the post of Instagram, Franjo and Verona Pooth can expect many congratulations. "Congratulations, nice to see you so much in love, enjoy the time", for example, writes a user, and another user commented, "I know you from afar, but I have the feeling that plug and socket here have gathered." However, other followers can hardly believe they have met so long: "For 19 years now, well, now I feel officially old.

Verona and Franjo Poute were together from 2000 to 2004, the model and the entrepreneur gave a vow. The couple has two common children – San Diego and Rocco Ernesto Pout.
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