Tuesday , July 27 2021

Vettel to GP Baku: "At Ferrari everything is quiet!"

Sebastian Vettel does not want to be disturbed by GP Azerbaijan.

Sebastian Vettel (31) has not won at Ferrari for eleven races or after Spa 2018. This should annoy the four-time champion. Like the noise surrounding his new teammate, Charles Leklerk (21).

But the German who went yesterday in Baku spoke after a stopover order from China, as Monegasco had to let him pass, not noise. On the outside of our team there is always a lot of talk. But I assure that everything goes smoothly inside.

The length of 6003 meters of Baku will require everything from the pilots today. The two kilometer rights and the only seven-meter bend in the center of the city are places of horror.

In 2018, Ricardo fired his former teammate from Red Bull Vertappen from the final part of the race. The Vettel restart (4th) cost the leader a victory against Leader Bottas – the fine broke out at Monster Straight, the right rear tire. He won his Mercedes counterpart at Hamilton.

Jovinazi must enter the last line

Before the first training meter, Alfa-Sauber from Giovinazzi is already in the last row on Sunday! The Italian has released ten penalty points because the electronics have to change!

The pursuit of Baku opens this morning to Formula One drivers. The focus of the course was Mick Schumacher (20), who started the 8th and 6th place seasons in Bahrain. There is still room for improvement.

Louis Generes (22) from Geneva is in fourth place with two fifth places: "The promotion to the driver of the simulator at Haas-Ferrari makes me very hot!"

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