Thursday , June 17 2021

VW is building a mobile electric fast charger in a series

Volkswagen plans to install the first modules of its own developed mobile electric vehicle for quick refueling in Wolfsburg this summer. Later, gas stations will be used in other cities and communities. In terms of "high interest," the car company said the fast-charging station would be mass-produced in 2020 instead of Hanover.

The technical, flexible charging station is based on the Volkswagen Module Electrification Module Battery (MEB) and is designed for its cellular modules. It works on the principle of the power bank, as many people know about their mobile phone – only for electronic vehicles. Later the charging station will allow end-of-life electric batteries for a second life. According to Volkswagen, the boot process will last only 17 minutes on average.

Over the next decade, Hanover's fast-charging station will gradually replace the production of the heat exchanger belonging to the Motor und Foundry business segment. "Entry into electronic mobility enables the factory to be transformed urgently – and contributes to stabilizing employment, as well as to financially strengthening the location of the Hanover component," he said.

Future mobile device locations must be found via the Internet or App. The charging station allows fast charging with direct current up to 100 kW. In addition to electric cars, electronic bikes can also be plugged into electricity. From up to four connected vehicles, two can receive DC power and two more via parallel AC connections. With a rechargeable battery up to 360 kWh in order to charge up to 15 electronic cars.

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