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The name Jeff Bezos is inextricably linked to the digital revolution. He is known as the founder of Amazon, the technical billionaire, the savior and the richest man in the world. The name Mackenzie Bezos, on the other hand, was hardly known to anyone until recently. This changed sharply when they both announced on Twitter in a joint statement that they would divorce after 25 years of marriage.

The announcement catapults Mackenzie Bezos' name to the global public, notably adding that Jeff Bezos's married wife may be the world's richest woman after divorce. And more or less explicit fear, once again about the financial claims of a woman, can destroy what the man has built in the sweat of his forehead.

Although it is far from clear today how one day the giant state of Bezos will be divided. This, among other things, depends on where the couple presents the divorce. Both are based in Washington, where the law provides divorce parity for divorce. This is why the tweed for divorce gives rise to speculation. As he remains at the head of the group and is a majority shareholder, divorce may also have a dramatic impact on the market value of the company – for example, if his shares were split. This would also affect the shareholders.

Remarkable in this case is the way it is negotiated in the media. The CNBC station writes that Jeff Bezos' divorce may be the most expensive divorce ever. Forbes said, "Maybe Jeff Bezos' early ex-wife? Amazon It is understandable that journalists and shareholders are wondering how such an event will affect one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Jointly agreed division of labor

But the questions largely resonate prejudice with: That the man had to pay his wife without doing anything for him. That she so unintentionally released it from assets. So (mostly men) journalists assume that a woman is a free rider of her husband's success and thus earns her success without doing anything her own.

Mackenzie Bezos does not fit into this picture, on the contrary. The current 48-year-old was never just a beautiful apple of a brilliant inventor. She has played a key role in Amazon from the start. She met her husband in 1993 as a 23-year-old and married a year later, before moving to Seattle together and setting up Amazon in a garage. She worked there beside him, overwhelmed with Jeff in the first packs of books for delivery to customers and negotiating the first contracts.

Later the couple had three children and adopted the fourth. Everyone takes care of and cares primarily for McKenzie. The marriage of the two was a joint venture with a mutually agreed division of labor, each contributing to its part. This is why McKenzie is now eligible to participate. As she has a strong social strain, she may soon use her money to do things that will forever anchor her name in collective memory. Mackenzie Bezos deserves this.

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