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Wimbledon: Federer Vs. Nishikori – the duel of promotional kings

Roger Federer stood above all the tennis stars in terms of advertising revenue of $ 86 million in 2018. Behind him, however, is his quarterfinal opponent from Wimbledon Kei Nishikori. The Japanese gathered 33 million.

Kay Nishikori (ATP 7) has never won a Grand Slam tournament – unlike the record champion Roger Federer (ATP3), who has already won a big trophy 20 times. But his reputation as the best Japanese tennis player in history still makes Nishikori the big number.

Outside of victory, only Federer earns more money than promotions than Asian. Last year Roger won $ 86 million, followed by Nishikori (33 million) as the next star of tennis, according to Forbes. He has a dozen lucrative advertising contracts, including the Japanese supplier Uniqlo, as well as a federalist. Even Djokovic with 30 million people and Nadal with 26 million do not do so much advertising.

"I am going crazy"

The 29-year-old of a big tournament, actually the coup, Japan will go crazy. Stronger than the years of their compatriots, as last year revealed Nishikori. – I love being in Japan. But it can not last more than one, two months a year. Otherwise I will go mad, "he said. Free movement in Tokyo is impossible for him. The modest Nishikori does not like to be in the spotlight.

Federer described Wimbledon as very calm, very worthy and polite. "We get along well and we learn together from time to time, and I also get along well with Michael Chang, my family, the kids, meet his kids from time to time.

Show more emotions!

Former star Chang (47) is Nishikori's coach. It is clear to him what his protégé should work if he wants to go far: show more emotions! Chang says, "I know it's not necessarily his character to do it, that's true for many players, but when it matters, it comes out of them, I think a little of him can only help him.

Nishikori has reached the quarterfinals of every major, but has only experienced this hurdle three times in the US Open. In a direct comparison Federer leads with 7: 3 wins, and the Australian Open 2017 gabs the only major duel. Roger then won over five sets in the second round.

Nishikori still has plenty of energy in his tank. Unlike other majors, he has a three-hour match in the bonesn has reached the last eight. But this also applies to Federer. Anyone who has dominated Wimbledon's quarterfinals will appear on Wednesday at about 4:30 pm.

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