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With these cold medicines, colds are usually worse

Not all recommendations against cold symptoms are recommended

Saline nose, sore throat and headache boom: who was cold during the cold season, tried to get rid of the symptoms as soon as possible. But not all means are right for him. Some alleged helpers make the cold even worse.

The cold myths in the factual check

Cold, headache, hoarseness, fever: it is not uncommon to catch flu during the cold season. Often, acquaintances then quickly get advice on what works best against the cold and its symptoms. Hot milk with honey as a home remedy for a sore throat and cough or sweating in the sauna to get rid of the disease quickly: there is certainly enough advice. But what really works?

Ordinary colds can usually be relieved by natural home remedies. But not all recommendations really do something – some medicines can make the condition even worse. (Image: RFBSIP /

Hot milk with honey

According to health experts, colds should always be cured appropriately to avoid serious consequences such as pneumonia.

Medicines are usually not needed. The most common colds can be relieved by natural home remedies.

But some commonly recommended medications and tips may worsen the symptoms.

For example, some experts advise not to put the old home remedy "hot milk with honey" in the case of a cough producing mucus, as the milk itself produces mucus. But if you have a dry cough, a warm drink can be soothing.

However, according to health experts, the possible antibacterial and antiviral effects of honey have not been sufficiently documented.

It is generally recommended for coughing, among others, aniseed and thyme tea. Dill syrup can also help. Or dark chocolate with higher cocoa content.

Hot beer and warm grog

He also has to advise against alleged helpers like hot beer or hot grog. Because alcohol is not suitable for disease control.

Some say he helps with colds by disinfection, but too much alcohol weakens the immune system and drains the water body.

Hot beer can actually help with colds. Since beer contains hops, the ingredients of which act to promote sleep. And sleep is well known as the best medicine.

Swallowing colds in the sauna?

In order to recover, it is important to drink lots of liquids in general. It is also ideal for a rest in the bed with a warm scarf and a hot water bottle.

Some patients, however, try to sweat the annoying cold in the sauna. However, this does not work.

Experts say saunas can help get out faster than the disease, but it does not disappear faster through the sauna. On the contrary: often the weakened body is additionally burdened by a visit to the sauna.

Patients should therefore prefer to resort to pets for a cold, such as inhalation.

It is important to know: Doctors recommend sniffing their nose instead of blowing their handkerchiefs.

Namely, the pressure of whistling can cause cold viruses to reach the sinus sinuses and eventually cause sinusitis there.

Antibiotics usually do not carry anything

Also, antibiotics are usually unnecessary because they fight bacteria, not viruses that cause colds in most cases.

It is also important to know that although there are many means for the individual symptoms of a cold, the real cause – the inflammation of the mucous membranes – you just have to sit down: so you sleep and take care of yourself.

Also, the old saying, "The cold went without a doctor for a week and a doctor for seven days," he says. With this in mind, there are no drugs that can significantly reduce the disease. (AD)

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