Tuesday , July 27 2021

呛 South Korea Yu "self-help people" Netizens reveal the past and hit Su Shichang's face! – Zhongshi Newsletter

The Gaotian government has a debt of 312.5 billion yuan, and South Korea's Mayor Yu Yu calls the central government to subsidize GaoSun, but executive director Su Shingang said he would do all he could to help South Korea. In connection with this, some Netizens took out the past events of Su Shi and said categorically: "Now this attitude towards Gaussian, I do not know if he is a person."

The 18th interim meeting of the Gaoyuan City Council was a municipal inquiry, and the member of the Kuomindan government, Chen Lina, was interested in the real situation of Gaoşiang's debt, with Finance Minister Li Liangjiang pointing out that the debt of the big cities exceeded the internal debt 310 billion South Korea also pointed out that the big city government will not have the necessary costs in the future, but also fears that if there is no way to open the market, the heavy debt will make it harder for the city to be promoted. More subsidies, if you can not give money, need to provide a more relaxed policy to allow Gaussian to flexibly develop his economy. Surprisingly, Su Shingang said that local government will do its best to help, but it must also be "self-help".

Netizen WKC1799 issued a document in PTT that when Su Shingang was a district magistrate from Taipei, former county magistrate Yue Zing had more than 10 billion yuan and Su Shingang became a debt of 65 billion. This attitude of Gaussian does not know if he is a person.

In addition, he mentioned the historic "Masu Club" for nuclear 4 and referendum issues in 2014. He said that four years later he came back and saw that Su Shingang was completely beaten by Ma Yi-zhou and said that Su Shingang, Tsai Ying-wen and many other people in the GMP are almost the same – they do not want anything, they object and say everything. But I asked him what he wanted and how to resolve it, he did not know how to resolve it, but only jumped with the needle but found no solution.

(China Times Bulletin)

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