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Allegedly the second generation AirPods engine and first exposure box! "Apple" nameplate design has been abandoned? Free 3C Free Technology

This image shows the generation of AirPods launched in 2016. (Figure flip on the official Apple website)

Grab the upcoming Christmas gift shopping season in December, and let the two new Home Pod and AirPods second generation wireless headphones that fruit powder hopes to come forward.

Apple's first audio "HomePod", which supports Siri's voice control, recently passed domestic NCC verification and is expected to be launched on the market in the near future. In addition, the long-rumored AirPods 2 second wireless headset, MySmartPrice foreign media has become the first to break the news that has been certified by Bluetooth SIG, the A2031, A2032, supports new generation Bluetooth 5.0 technology; The product name is "AirPods" and it is estimated that the possibility of recording in the near future is very high.

Now, it is suspected that the 2018 version of the real AirPods engine and photo spy box, the first network exposure. Foreign media Slashleaks recently presented two photos related to AirPods 2 and the box. As can be seen from the photos, the exclusive white filling box of AirPods generally continues the design of the previous generation. Because the package is packed with plastic envelopes, it is not possible to confirm whether the housing has a wireless charging indicator. In addition, the earphone part which was divided into two bags was covered with blue protective paper, and the size and appearance of the second generation AirPods was unknown.

Suspected for second generation AirPods and spy out photo filling boxes. (Photo taken from Slashleak)

Note that other photos of the AirPods 2 white box are stacked. From the interface at the bottom of the charging box, the new version seems to have changed to the USB Type-C transmission interface, replacing the original lightninig connector from the previous generation's charging box. At present, it is still not possible to confirm the authenticity of the exposed photos. There is another saying on the market that may also be a photo of the cottage version.

The new 2018 iPad Pro, the transmission charging jack, uses the first USB Type-C interface. (Photo taken from channel Jerry Rig Everything YouTube)

Because of Apple's latest release of the new iPad Pro this year, the biggest change is leaving the lightninig transmission connector that has been used for years and replacing it with the USB Type-C charging interface to meet current market trends. If the photo stream exits correctly, the AirPods 2 box is replaced with the USB Type-C charging method, and this does not happen.

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