Wednesday , June 16 2021

Capcom continues with Spotify! "Monster Hunter" "Rockman" Music Free Listening Pioneer Video Game | NOWnews Today News

Moved Kapukong recently moved the original soundtrack to his own game at Spotify. (Figure / flip from Spotify)

Kapokong, a well-known Japanese gaming company, ended last year's "Monster Hunter: The World" after releasing several games like Rockman 11, Evil Castle 2 Remastered Edition and Devil Hunter V. Take the glory of the day. In addition to the games, Capcom is also actively expanding other aspects of the business by recently launching its own classic tracks in the Spotify music streaming platform.

Mon "Monster Hunter: The World", "Quick Whirlwind V" and "Rockman" can be found above. (Figure / flip from Spotify)

Since the launch of the Gaming category in 2016, Spotify has attracted many game makers to place the original soundtrack on their own games for consumers such as God of War, Decisive Moment, Assassin's Dogma: Odyssey "and other music. Can be heard in Spotify.

This time, Kapukong put all the music on IP like "Magic Hunter", "Rockman", "Quick Whirlwind", "Reverse Referee", "Devil Hunter", etc., in addition to the original version of the original soundtrack. There are also a number of re-arranged special editions for players and fans who like Capcom's games.

With these classic albums, you can listen to the music of the game and play with it when you can not play the game!

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