Tuesday , June 15 2021

Current report? Stop for an hour and get 200 nine parking operators to put an end to the miserable – Zhongshi News

  1. Current report? Stop in one hour and get 200 nine parking operators to stop the miserable time
  2. Jiufen parking "1 hour 200" third episode! The attack of the city slammed 15 000. Industry is crazy: Absolutely advertise ETtoday News Cloud
  3. Net exposure 9 parking screams price! The operator was fined € 15,000: He complained to TVBS News TVBS News
  4. Jiufen stops for 1 hour and gets 2 stotinki! The city government issued a punishment of 15,000 people.
  5. Net exposure 9 parking places per 1 hour 200! The operator was fined with 15,000 wounds: Absolutely – the Life Free Times bulletin,
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