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Doctor: The New Year's Celebration of China and the Large Population Shift After This Season are Still the Flu Season | Life News | Life

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Daily News Reporter Jang Guoliang and Zeng Zengsun

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Spring FestivalLong break, hospital, cliniccoldThere are many patients and patients in the upper hospital almost never stopped New hospital statistics (self-funded) 20 to 30 people catch up every day during the spring festival More than half of the emergency hospitals in Zhongmu Tianzhu hospital are colds. One third is caused by influenza, although their number is not the highest in recent years, but there are many who come in more than two batches because the clinic has health insurance and clinics with cold patients have to wait longer than hour.

Xue Changwei, director of the Fukush Hospital's pediatric ward, said that the increase in the number of people with colds is mainly due to the great shift of the Spring Festival holiday, the flu season, flu still is on the verge. Go to school, do not walk if it's flu. If you only cough, runny nose, do not forget to wash your hands and wear a mask. If you are diagnosed with flu, you still have the most effective flu and the best effect is early.

The Taoyuan City Health Bureau reported that during the 9-day Spring Festival holiday, due to the mild hardening of cold weather, flu-like patients declined compared to the previous year, and in February, the last day of the tenth consecutive holiday, the city's flu accident about 4,650 people. Compared to the previous week, their number has fallen by nearly 50%. This figure does not include taking cold in a county or city outside Taoyuan when you go to a foreign country. In the case of Taoyuan, two critically ill patients have been sent to medical treatment.

Infected physicians at the Chang Gong Memorial Hospital in Lingoo say that before the spring holiday, people worry about flu infection in the new year and are vaccinated. The flu epidemic alleviates during the spring festival similar to the Spring Festival before.

The Health Bureau said the adults and children in Taoyuan cityInfluenza vaccineVaccination rates are higher than the country average. The public influenza vaccine is currently being counted, and the adult vaccine is inoculated with more than 464,000 doses and the children are inoculated with more than 42,000 doses. Currently there are only 6700 adult doses and only 5,000 doses for a pediatric vaccine. will soon be used.

Dr. Zhang Jayron of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Zhongmu Hospital, says the flu is a highly contagious disease that can cause fever, cough, body aches and other symptoms. It occurs mainly in winter and is easily spread by humans by coughing, sneezing or touching the surface. Every year complications from seasonal flu can make many people hospitalized. These serious complications usually occur in children, the elderly, pregnant women or people with specific chronic diseases such as asthma or other forms of lung disease.

Fuchsin Hospital points out that there are two different influenza seasons each year, and in Taiwan, summer and winter, the influenza virus antigenicity changes from two to three years, leading to small or national pandemics in some areas. Some people produce antibodies, and when more people have antibodies, they are gradually becoming less popular, but viruses will change the antigens every ten to thirty years, forming a world in which virtually everyone has no antibodies. popular.

Influenza A can infect mammals (humans, pigs, ferrets, horses) and birds. Types B and C only infect humans. The severity of the disease varies according to clinical manifestations. It can be divided into simple, pneumonia, poisoning and gastro- intestinal type. Symptoms include headache, runny nose, muscle pain, fever, fatigue, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat and cough. The course of the disease lasts from one to two weeks or more and immunity after infection can last from 8 to 12 months. In fact, patient immunity, rest and decompression help heal, but most people can treat themselves, but there are still a few people who have bacterial infections, sinusitis or pneumonia. If you have asthma or chronic disease, your doctor's assessment and treatment of complications is extremely important.

Every day, Fuchsin Hospital's Spring Festival festival has 20 to 30 people because of the cold. Reporter Zheng Guoliang / Photography
Every day, Fuchsin Hospital's Spring Festival festival has 20 to 30 people because of the cold. Reporter Zheng Guoliang / Photography

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