Friday , July 30 2021

"Dream of the Pokémon to go!" Picasso / Ibrahimovic's "Magic Treasure" can easily be captured by Pokémon: Let's Go, Eve! "

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The magic treasure can dream "Mei Tan Tan" will become easy to capture!
The different color "Mei Tan Tan" will again appear in "Pokemon GO" limited time!

Since its launch on November 16, 2018, the Nintendo Switch software "Pokémon Dream will go!" Pikachu / Let's go! Ibrahimovic has always been loved by most players. In this game, players can bring the treasures captured in Pokemon GO to the game, risk them and enjoy the fun of Pokemon GO.

Magic treasure can be captured by Pokemon GO. The Mystic Box, which is needed during the filming process, has to wait 7 days before it is used again. However, starting from 04:00 on April 25th, Taiwan time, the countdown time after using the "mysterious box" will be shortened to 3 days! "Mei Tan Tan" will become easier to capture than ever before.


In addition, between May 04 and May 6, April 20, 2019, Taiwan, the different color "Mei Tan Tan" will again appear in Pokemon GO for a limited time! While collecting 400 "Candon's Candy" in Pokemon GO, you can turn the different Mei Tan Tan colors into a different Mei Mehta color.

Please use this opportunity to capture the precious color "Mei Tan Tan" and the different color "Mei Meta"!

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