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The complete eclipse that happened in North and South America the day before yesterday was not only the "moon's blood moon" in foreign media, but many observers watched the rare event of the moon!

In addition to the people who appreciate the eclipse in the cold wind, many people also took part in the live show via the online show. At the same time, many people noticed a yellow-white flash at the eastern end of the moon, and then someone in the social media assumed it was a meteorite. Many photographers also looked back at the images they made after the end of the lunar eclipse, and three films were recorded in the event.

Moonlight is a flash phenomenon where the meteorite falls on the moon. Since there is no atmosphere on the moon, theoretically similar collision events should be quite common, but since the moon reflects sunlight, it often masks the flash of meteor impact, making observation difficult. Dr. Jose Maria Maddo from the University of Huelva in Spain recorded lightning from the moon, but this time he first took the lightning of the moon during the first full moon after many years of challenges.

For this observation, Dr. Maddiedo increases the number of telescopes from 4 to 8 in addition to dripping water and also can cross the flash through computer software after the lunar eclipse is not the noise caused by the camera. Dr. Madido also noticed that moonlight occurred when the food was close to food and the brightness of the moon was significantly reduced and the brightness of the moon is the main reason for the observation.

According to Maddox's preliminary assessment, lightning is caused by the meteor influence of a 2 kg football size. Since this eclipse is so eye-catching, many people are witnessing a rare flash of light and also notice that the threat from space is not inaccessible.

(This article is reproduced by the Planetarium in Taipei, the original source:Jose Maddo)

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