Sunday , July 25 2021

"Fallout 76" players dressed as "Fallout 4" super disturbing black volunteers, even the tasks sounds play full | 4Gamers

Friends who have played "Fallout 4" need to know that the black man of the brave army, Preston Garvey, now plays the role playing role in "Afternoon 76". Dressed as an outfit and jumped around. Even more annoying is that he plays the familiar voices of the players.

According to the film, RpTheHotrod adds to the players many familiar and annoying voices besides the full mention of Prestown Garvey's style. Yes, this is a voice that tells you where there are tasks and where someone needs help. ,

RpTheHotrod: There are a group of carcasses that occupy a settlement. Better to go and see what help they need?

Traveling player: Hey … God … Where's the gathering? (Neochota)

Everything is fine for a friend who is not familiar with The Others of the Dust 4 because Preston Garvey is like an NPC that will appear in many MMORPGs that are at the top of the leader but only call slogans to do things with your mouth. Always give the player the role of an endless mission.

Having said that, Preston still plays a very important role in the history of 4th generation history, but the player who has too many tasks always feels a little annoyed when speaking the voice of the human task … (laughs )

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