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"Final Fantasy 8: Remastered" classic joke disappears | Qooah

Recently released the GIF screen of "Final Fantasy 8: Remastered Edition", the picture quality is not as vague as before and is not an ugly mosaic at last. It's good for its high quality HD, but it also makes lost classic jokes. That's right.

"Final Fantasy 8: Remastered" replaces character modeling, and players no longer have to face a distorted face. The high-resolution picture changed the shape of the male Squall in the game, and his features were clear and concise in the remastered version.

The classic dialogue "You're the best looking person here." (You're the best person here.)

Squall, many older generations of players recalled that the female Rinoa first encountered the classic Squall lines "You are the best looking man here." Behind the ball is Squall enlarged. A person full of mosaics can be described as "flesh of blood". Such a bright contrast scene once became a classic joke for players, but after the release of the remastered version, this classic joke is no longer there.

According to reports, the remastered version is a small scale that enhances the details of the heroic model and enhances clarity of innovation. At the recent E3 2019 pre-show conference, Square Enix officially released "Final Fantasy 8: Remastered Edition", which is expected to be released in 19 years and will be available on the PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / Steam platform.

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