Friday , September 24 2021

Foreign players find the PS4 version of "Catwoman Garden" which hides milk shake settings – Hong Kong's mobile game network,

The Japanese adult game version "Cat Niang Gion" PS4 download has been officially launched at the PS Store recently, and provides Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese 4 for selected players, but the hosted platform version is of course a general version non-eight-forbidden. However, based on the recent strengthening of Sony's pornographic elements from the PS4 game, many elements of the game sizing have been harmonized, such as "The Warriors OROCHI 3" and the tragic light game "The Wild and the Royal Girl and the Heart of the Stray Cat"

Recently, foreign players have purchased the PS4 version of "Catwoman Garden" and found that the original milk shake settings in the settings have been lost, but the original ones were not removed, but officials deliberately hid the settings bar to avoid review, players only need to set the middle button can be adjusted to the bottom of the button to adjust the milk shake level, but the naked eye can not see the settings, the player must rely on the right side of the character to shake the amplitude to feel.

Although the PS4 version of "Catwoman Garden" is still relatively strong compared to the Switch version, but many games are relatively loose, and there is no full screen light such as "The Wild Heart and the Emperor and Stray Cat Heart", as next appears in the PS4 version.

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