Tuesday , June 15 2021

Google intends to develop its own gChips to compete directly with the Apple A-Series Processors

Google has accelerated the development of a SoC system, hoping to compete directly with Apple's A Series processors. At the moment, Google is hiring engineers in India to bring "gChips" to non-home Pixel devices .

Indian Bangalore is known as the "Indian Valley" and is an important base for the world's wafer industry. Reuters reported that over the past few months, the Google SoC team (known as "gChips") hired at least 20 employees there.

Google has successfully pulled out the industry-leading chip makers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Intel to fill this gap. Currently announced positions include a leading engineer of SoC RTL, leading SoC engineer and design engineer and ASIC design engineer.

Since Google's SoC development program is not a secret, this development is not surprising.

In 2017, Google digs Manu Gulati from Apple. At that time Manu Gulati headed the Apple SoC division for eight years. He is currently Chief Architect at Google. In the same year Google released its first SoC, Pixel Visual Core, which is used in every Pixel 2 smartphone.

This SoC works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor to extend the HDR + coating. Subsequent versions of the Pixel Visual Core also provide excellent support for the night-shot feature in Pixel 3 cameras.

In addition to developing its own SoC, Google is also investing in corporate and cloud server chips, including industry-known TPUs. With the power of these chips, Google is able to provide extra computing power to third parties to facilitate the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence training.

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