Thursday , October 28 2021

Google will pay up to $ 500 for initial Pixel users


The class action case against the microphone defect of the original Google Pixel mobile phone has finally reached the redress phase today. Different eligible customers will have different amounts of compensation ranging from $ 20 to $ 500.

The most popular people are those who purchased their original Pixel or Pixel XL phones before January 4, 2017 and did not accept the change plan on January 3 that year (or the June 5 replacement plan). Residents, whether or not the Pixel phone has a microphone problem, can get $ 20 in damages.

If you have a problem with the Pixel microphone, the compensation will go up to $ 350; the highest compensation of $ 500 is that you have had similar problems on more than one Pixel phone by simply replacing it with a new one. The mobile phone is also "lucky" to have a microphone problem. If the user has the money to buy a new phone through insurance, Google will also offset the relative amount. The entire compensation plan will be completed by December 6. The payment process is expected to be completed within three months.

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