Monday , June 21 2021

Jen Zhuokun Wins Men's Gold Medal in Asian Championship Championship – Others – Zhongshi News

Jen Zhuokun won a gold medal in the male copy of the Cadassia Championship. (provided by the public)

Jen Zhaokun, who won the men's 91.36-meter medal at the World Games in Taipei two years ago, threw 86.72 meters for the second time in the Asian Championship held in Kadadouha this evening, and finally defeated this result. After pursuing Indian players, the guy won the gold for the first time in the Asian Championship, which is also the first gold medal of the Chinese team.

Zheng Zhaocun's shocking shot at the World Games in Taipei is still alive, though the Asian Games in Jakarta last year tasted the bitter fruit of defeat, but he did not get discouraged. Throw a good class, and usually have a performance of more than 85 meters when you are training.

Tonight, when I first tried to throw, I shot more than 87 meters, so Wang Dingchan, the Secretary General of China's Field Development Association, jumped but unfortunately did not get to the line. Zheng Jiaokun for the second time took advantage of the direction and the possibility of the wind and successfully thrown 86.72 m. This laid the foundation for the victory and eventually defeated the strong enemy of India and won a gold medal.

In particular, Ye Zhengyan, chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association, flew from Taiwan to Qatar to cheer Chinese athletes, announced the 100,000 Yuan prize of Zheng Zhaocun and Xue Shengrong for 50,000 yuan. Chen Jie, who previously won the silver medal with a 400-meter hurdle in men, won 60,000 bonuses and reworked her personal best to get another 20,000 yuan.

In the men's 100-meter semi-final, the Taiwanese Skad Jan Juni escaped for 10 seconds 29 and took advantage of the late final train.

(China Times Bulletin)

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