Monday , June 14 2021

"MW4" expected? "Decisive Moments" is set in 2019 and will include single player campaigns 4Gamers

Activision Blizzard announced its fourth quarter earnings today (13). In addition to confirming redundancies from outsiders, it also gave some official news of progress in the development of its game. Call of Duty series a new job, and will contain content for the single player campaign.

According to foreign media participation in the Financial Questions and Answers Forum, the new IDE President Robert Kostic has confirmed that 2019 will release a new series of "Moment Solution" series and said: "The game will have new content for a single player campaign, as well as a great and varied content Human Contact Mode and many interesting game modes. "

Of course, this financial report does not mention the expansion of the Decisive Victory Moment, but the other rumors that Modern Warfare 4 was released last year, some netizens have received it this year. Gossip Line announced that "MW4" will be released in 2019, and the president said there would be a single player campaign for the new game, and the opportunity for that gossip would be raised again.

However, when it comes to the expected sales of the new job, Activision's Financial Director Dennis Durkin made a more cautious statement believing that sales of this new "Decisive Moment" game should not be higher than those of " Black Action 4 ". The implementation of Action 4 last year, sales of new works will naturally be lower than some insurance.

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