Monday , October 18 2021

Old Xiaokai million sports accident victim victim car injury | Fun NOW News Today


▲ Xiao Jingteng crashed. (Figure / Warner Music)

Xiao Jingteng (Old Xiao) opened tens of thousands of sports cars to get to work this (13) day. He didn't expect to run into a woman owner, so he specifically apologized to the other party in IG.

Xiao Jingteng usually has a car to pick up and operate. It is rare to drive out a house today, but there is a clash. He deeply regrets. He said: "I'm really sorry I lost your valuable time and you suffered. I hope to see you soon, if you need anything, please contact the company directly. "Finally, thank the police and colleagues for their help.

About the car crash, Lao Xiao's agent, Summer, revealed that the impact of the collision was not small in the impact. Not only is the head of the old car sunk, but the tail of the other one is also damaged. As for the owner's kick, he rushed forward and hit his chin. They are all safe and have phone calls to each other. As for the old car, the car has been sent for repair.

▲ Xiao Jingteng crashed. (IG with figure / turn)

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