Tuesday , October 26 2021

Q2 three percent three down double rate more than 11 years low low net profit hit 6-year low net earnings per share 1.23 yuan | Anue Yu Heng


Hon Hai (2317-TW) today announced its second quarter earnings report (13), once again "three percent and three downturns", of which gross profit margins and profit margins were more than 11 years since the 2008 financial tsunami and the net profit after tax was 17.054 billion yuan. This is also a 6-year low, with a quarterly decrease of 14% and a year-on-year decrease of 2.5%. The net profit per share is 1.23 yuan. In the first half of the year, it is also a three-tier, three-downs, net profit after tax of 36.789 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.3% and a net profit of 2.66 yuan. yuan.

Hon Hai's second quarter revenue was 1.16 trillion yuan, a 10% increase for the quarter, an annual increase of 7.4%, a gross margin of 5.31%, a quarterly decrease of 0.22 percentage points and a year-over-year decrease base with 0.32 percentage points; The decrease is 0.13 percentage points; the net profit after tax is RMB 17.054 billion, the quarter is down 14% and the annual decrease is 2.5%; the net interest rate is 1.47%, the quarter is reduced by 0.41 percentage points, the annual decrease is 0.15 percentage points, and the net profit per share is 1.23 yuan.

Honghai's half-year revenue of 2.21 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 5%, a gross margin of profit of 5.9%, an annual decrease of 0.49 percentage points, a profit margin of 1.43%, an annual decrease of 0, 49 percentage points, net profit after tax of 36.789 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 11.3% for each Company's net profit was 2.66 yuan.

According to Hon Hai's second quarter earnings report, the gross profit margin and profit margin were the lowest 11 years for the 2008 tsunami. Net profit after tax is a 6-year low from the second quarter of 2013. The net the profit margin is 2012's 7-year low in the second quarter.

However, Hon Hai reduced its capital by 20% last year and significantly improved its earnings per share.Although the amount of profit decreased, the net profit per share in the second quarter and the first half was better than the same period last year.

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