Sunday , June 13 2021

Secondary school / Guo Yuzhi, if joining the CITIC brothers in the middle school 4 the team will have left the team has not waited |

  1. Middle School / Guo Yuzhi, if joining the CITIC Brothers 4 team will let the team not wait!
  2. Guo Zhizhi decided to leave the Fubon and CITIC brothers for initial contact – Yahoo News
  3. Secondary school / Guo Yuzhi confirmed he will not stay in Fubon The new season can be changed to yellow shirt udn United News
  4. Secondary / CITIC Brothers will be taken from Bao Guozhi – Yahoo Qimo News Yahoo News
  5. Secondary vocational school / Guo Yizhi does not leave Fubon to join CITIC Brothers Liu Zhiwei: There is a contact ETtoday
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