Wednesday , June 16 2021

Shadows, brothers and goddess who put fans in revolt want to make a photo album! – Zhongshi Newsletter

The dance of 峮 called is called "spring dance" by fans, causing riots on the Internet. (Shadow / Explosive Commune Open Edition Facebook)

With a proud figure and sweet smile for the Spring Dance Flash Filming on the Internet, CITIC Brothers Passion Sisters brothers (Wu Hanjun), when they accepted the interview for the Sanli News Network, revealed that this year will begin photo album, This was confirmed in the fan group on Facebook. Fans are afraid to rebel!

Words 峮 (the ㄩ ㄣ) Because of the bad words there is a nickname of Shan Junshan June, and last year the online filming movie was on the internet and the Nethesses screamed, "I'm dazed when I'm stunned." Also known as the "Goddess". Later, I was invited to Guoguang Help, explaining that this year's cheerleader cheerleaders were more fit and said the bus was very uncomfortable the day after the red film explosion, fearing it would be recognized after as people throw their phones to watch the movie.

Take a picture of Siao Lu's sexy, still sticking his tongue and taking a cute route. (Turning Fan Group into Facebook)

It has all the rooms you need from the very beginning. It also reveals the Sanli News shooting style that she would prefer clean and real "white" sweet and sexy. She is not afraid that the rock is too big for to allow fans to accept her and to fear that her parents will be too surprised to "kill."

I'm sure I'll go to Japan to shoot and the photographer has not posted it yet. When they interviewed me, she said she loved Japanese clean streets and air, and when she's going to go to Japan to play, she just thinks the landscape is very beautiful when I use my cell phone so I want to go there to shoot, but I did not decide which area. shoot.

(China Times Bulletin)

Last year, "Guoguang helped", and accepted host and guest visits to Zhai Zongkang. (embedded by youtube)

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