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South Korea's central campaign in Yu campaign to refute Huang Guangkin and Lai Kuncheng – Politics – Zhongshi


On the evening of the 16th, the South Korean campaign headquarters for Yu said that in addition to the strongest protests, the name of Huang Guangkin and former lawmaker Lai Kuncheng repeatedly blinded the presidential candidate of Quomington Korea to Yu in the media and public affairs. She decides to formally instruct a lawyer to inconvenience him.

The South Korean campaign headquarters of the Yu campaign indicated that in the past, Yuen Yuen of South Korea had adhered to the principle of "love and tolerance". He did not want to be attacked by rumors, blurring and embarrassment when he met with elections. He was not happy to see legal action as politicians using bells and whistles. The burden of the social resources of the state, as far as possible, is laughed at by the malicious slander of the outside world. After all, sometimes it is seriously lost.

However, since then, Taiwan's precious freedom of speech has been overused. People who are interested in blacking out the Yu Yu must meet different goals, using good discounts as a weapon of hopelessness, and let the South Korean campaign headquarters decide not to endure. The relatives and friends of the injured mayor are also a form of protection.

The trusted lawyer believes that Lai Kuncheng has been involved in political activity for many years. He knows that politicians use the media and the Internet to spread speech. The power of distribution is more extensive and powerful. Before making a speech, it must be as high as the duty to test and test goodwill, but it still spreads false rumors. He has been involved in troubles and other crimes.

As for Huang Guangkin, she knows that her speech will be broadcast on television or Facebook and has been repeatedly abused and slandered by the public. This has led the Taiwanese people to question the personality and reputation of the KMT presidential candidate in 2020 and give a negative assessment. By defiling the reputation of Korean Yu, he has clearly objective behavior and subjective intentions and has been involved in crimes as a nuisance.

South Korean Yu campaign headquarters stressed that "Wen Liang Gong Gong is no longer allowed" is not a change of opinion, is dissatisfied with the current blur environment, Huang Guangqing, Lai Kuncheng must publicly clarify the apologies and urge the public immediately stop irresponsible false statements. Otherwise, legal action will continue to be taken to remedy the situation and limit social hurricanes.

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