Thursday , June 17 2021

Study: 10% more processed foods with diet, 15% increase in risk of death芋 传 Tar TaroNews

The large-scale study today announced that the link between "super processed foods" and the risk of death has been established for the first time. The number of processed foods in the diet is 10% higher and the risk of mortality increases by 15%. The mechanism is caused.

A study of the diets of tens of thousands of Frenchmen between 2009 and 2017 found that the increase in consumption of ultra-processed foods is somewhat related to the increase in deaths during this period.

The study is led by the research team on nutritional epidemiology at the University of Paris 13, the Inserm, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INra) and the French National Institute of Science, Technology and Management (CNAM). Published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

The study has expanded the participation of about 45,000 French women over 45, mostly women. Every 6 months, the team will ask these participants to complete 3 online surveys to answer dietary questions.

After 7 years, about 600 people died who analyzed the figure and found that 10% of super-processed diet foods increased the risk of death by 15%.

But Matilde Touvrier, director of the Food Epidemiology Research Team at the 13th University of Paris, who led the study, warned: "We should not be as frightened as birds, or we will claim that eating packaged foods will increase the risk of death by a factor five ".

"This is yet another step in our understanding of the relationship between super-processed foods and health."

(Information source: Central Information Agency)

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