Saturday , October 1 2022

Super positive net red change has been recognized by prostitution! Tears collapse to seal the inside of the heart – Entertainment – China Times News


Hannah Tears recognized the facts of prostitution.

Safflower in South Korea is sweet and has a hot body. In the past, it was generous to acknowledge its own transgender identity. It is undeniable to say that from her childhood she decided to be a woman, so she decided to change her movements. Her cheerful and straightforward personality was loved by a large number of fans; nevertheless, she has recently been kicked out and cruelly engaged in illegal prostitution and has been forced to mislead her fans. She also apologized for the live broadcast yesterday, admitting that she sold her erotica but did not do so after launching the live broadcast in 2016.

Hanako was bombed into prostitution between 2014 and 2017. According to Mirror Weekly, Hanako also lost the truth in the live broadcast yesterday, admitting that because of his desire to change sex surgery, he was indeed involved in sex trafficking in 2014, still at 3 I earned NT $ 510,000 a month, but didn't do it after I started broadcasting live in 2016.

At the same time, Hanako has once again apologized for doing something wrong, stressing that the police did come to the door, she will also assist in the apology and interrupt the live broadcast.

A sweet Korean net safflower, YouTube has 480,000 fans to chase and she admits she's actually a boy but undergoes a gender reassignment operation, but also the process of blasting is like "genitals are removed" to make her unhappy,

(China Times Bulletin)

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