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Taiwan encourages Cai Xihui? Scientist: No Hope | Germany's Voice from Germany Germany Presentation DW

Taiwanese President Tsai Yin-yen recently confirmed his readiness to meet his Gingeping under "equal and without political preconditions". Chen Mingtong, Chairman of the Taiwanese Affairs Council, further elaborated on July 2 that MAK is working hard to promote Cai Xihui.

Tsai Yin-wen's tone has said that MAK has made efforts to avoid preliminary talks on both sides of the Strait: "It's always better to talk when you meet, and you always think more of yourself in the distant horizon. There is no sense of reality, there will be some erroneous judgments. "Whether the other side responded to Taiwan's demands, he revealed that he privately expressed the will of Cai Xihui to some Chinese think-tank scholars, and the other side said will return their opinions.

However, he reiterated that China's recent use of so-called "strong force", including forcing foreign airlines to renaming Taiwan, "is very embarrassing," stressing that the treaty between China and the expected Cai Xihui is "one yard of one ".

China Mainland Council, Chen Ming-Tong (Council on Continent)

Chen Mingtong, chair of the Continental Council, said he would actively promote Cai Xihui during his work.

How does Cai Xihui come true?

Li Mingjiang, an associate professor at the International Studies School at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said during a visit to Voice of Germany. Cai Ying Wen's chances to meet Cing Dingping during his term were very small. "I do not see any hope now." He analyzes that the challenge to achieve Cai Xihui is much greater than that of Ma Xihui. "Now the continent is increasingly inclined to the so-called" bottom-up thinking "- you can do something, but do not cross the red line, otherwise the continent will use a lot of wrists to reveal and suppress.

He said that the key to the end result was the consensus in 1992 on the consensus: "The core is China, the attitude of the continent is very firm, the biggest obstacle is that Tsai's government is unlikely to meet the requirements of the continent. it is just a blank conversation. I do not see that Taiwan's leader can make too many concessions because it is also under great pressure on the island. "Tsai Yin-wen has repeatedly stressed that there are no pre-established negotiations. this is the best way, but it can be said that it is impossible for the continent to accept it.

How to express the 1992 consensus has always been a difficult issue for the president of Taiwan. Li Minjiang believes there is room for maneuver: "Some unofficial statements also mentioned that the continent does not necessarily require GMP to recognize the 1992 consensus as a word-for-word sentence, as Ma Yin-zhou did. "The meaning of a China is summarized and mentioned, in fact, it is just a pass." But there is a serious lack of mutual trust between the two sides of the Strait, which is also difficult to achieve.

Präsidenten Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan and Donald Trump, USA & Xi Jinping, China

How will Taiwan respond to the US-Chinese political and economic struggle?

American factors influence the political situation on the island

The Taiwanese side has consistently released its desire to return to the negotiating table, and Li Mingjiang believes that Taiwan is now more prone to see Kai Suihui than China. As the situation faced by Taiwan is becoming increasingly unfavorable, especially the international space is becoming less and less, given that the Kai government is more concerned about the development of Taiwan-Taiwan relations .

He specifically mentioned that, unlike Ma Shihui, more than two years ago, today's situation has another dominating factor: the United States. "The US factor has surpassed the impact of the political situation on Taiwan, especially in the past year, including the National Defense and Travel Law in Taiwan, and the United States deliberately overcame the Taiwanese restriction card for China." The cross-strait issue is no longer a competition between the Taiwanese The competition, but the emergence of the two great powers in China and the United States, makes the situation more complicated.

He believes that the future should pay attention to the development of the US and Taiwan authorities and military interaction, since China has great opportunities to tighten its policy towards Taiwan and adopt countermeasures, and Taiwan's interests may also become victims of the Sino-American Buo.

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