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"TGS E-sports Avenue of the Stars" e-sports frenzy continues to blow the fight against the special champion on Sunday, swinging to the 6th at the moment of victory: black action 4, absorbing the world's M, the legendary conflict |

The first session of the Taipei Show at the 2019 show officially and the single canvas team created the TGS E-sports Avenue of Stars on the 26th day of the second day of the Battle Attack series in the morning of the semi-finals "Douji special attack", 16 The strong elites competed in the championship and competed in the championship, the players competed to support the players, and in the afternoon the championship final was won by Lynn Biao with superb skills. In addition to a Deathmatch man, "TGS E-Sports Avenue of the Stars" also invited some famous "health" and "Liu Wei" masters to lead four players to bring the "Fighting Attack" celebrity exhibition game as well as a wonderful professional team exhibition game. And at the final stage of the game "Nintendo Stars Big Fight", the celebrity performance finishes perfectly!

The activities of today's exhibition area are also based on the "Double Attack" theme. During the video game, the top 500 players who took part in the photo zone to get hit in the photo area will get the limited play bag in the exhibition area and also invite Coser to become the "Fighting Array." Special Attack "Compassion, life-girl, lightning and death turn to meet the players.In the last two days of the game, players are welcome to take the last chance to watch the hot events, participate in the activities as and be able to match the game, professional electronic sports and other happy rewards.

The "Double Attack" battle for a single player is cruel Just to win the championship

The "TGS E-Sports Avenue" competition has not yet opened the scene, it is filled with a strong smell of gunpowder, the first player is the semifinals of a single player of 16 players who stand out from the four preliminary matches. The 16 players mingled in groups to launch 6 deadly games and the 8 best scores were upgraded to the finals.

Before the match, popular champions such as Lyn Biao, Taiwanese Swan King Kant, famous DCrown players and Jongie were really outstanding, winning the first place in the semi-finals and the players "surprised." He brought a series of surprises, in the fourth preliminary round, from the back eighth to the end to catch up, the last key moment and Lynn Biao both scored 29 points, the two met in a narrow way, "surprise" successfully killed Lin Lyo "won the first place and scored a beautiful representation on the back, and in the sixth game" Surprise "also scored 30 points to go into the semi-finals.

In the semifinals, the top eight players, Surprise, Lyn Yi, Jongi, Mauritius, Kant, DCrown, Kinom, Meng Kajji went out KINOMVP took the first 30 points in the first game, "Surprise" led the second game, "Lin Biao" scored 27 and 28 points in the first two games and won the match in the third game 30 points, and finally won the Deathmatch Championship from Lin Biao and brought 30,000 yuan back.The other winners were runner-up "KINOMVP", runner-up "surprise" and temple army "Meng Keji".

The main "live" health and "Liu Wei" interacted with the players in the closet.

After the semi-finals, the Fighting Attack, Health and Liu Wei events led the first 16 players to the 5v5 team and the Health team drew Logs, G87 and Mauritius. The team of "A1terEgo" and "Liu Wei" have Kant, Mn Kedji, Kinom and Peter Pan. The first "health team" leads the way and earns no strain. The first victory, the second "Liu Wei team" should not be overtaken, first led the "health team" with 13 points, but unfortunately the heir, the "health team" rushed to capture the ratio to 49:49, the final is still " team is a winner.

The competition for the team's exhibition was called "hehe", "C0wman", "Eddie", "Rapid" and "Dizzy" by the former Captain "Cropy". Appearing upon the arrival of TGS by the rising star, the two parties will hold the ortho-dictation "Breakout Attack" to bring a wonderful teamwork to the audience.

The strong event on Sunday again reached its high point

In the last two days of the International Video Games Exhibition in Taipei, on Sunday (1/27), there was a new wave of competitions and a series of electrical competitions took place, and the Irisdescent Six Ceremony Exhibition invited the team of the Professional League Team DAD1 "against the celebrity team. The "Time for Solution: Black Action 4" gold medal was won by the first three teams, Monster Shield # 2, S.L.T., "ahp" for the gold medal, and the team with the most points to win won. After the two-week online elimination tournament, "Swallowing World M" Athletic Celebrations chose the four largest corporations "Magnesium Steel Alliance", "Jiangdong Rex Rabbit Group", "Desire for Heaven" and "Oda", and the different legions will do everything. Fight for glory! "TGS E-sports Avenue of the Stars" continues to attract players to the best game.

King Kong Live Show "Legend of Celebrity Celebrity Exhibition" to promote well-known facts of the core "Spirit Study", "YU", "Little Girl", "Sucking Ass" on behalf of the player, players can watch high level Performing a Live Host You can also sign up and become a companion to the gun with a living master who, along with his mighty enemy, can get a limited amount of "King Kong E-Sports T".

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