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The Empire of Evil is here! Dodge returns to Habo for battle, the price is broken for 10 years and 330 million |


▼ 哈波. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

Returned Dodge returns to Harper's competition. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

Reporter Lu Weiwei / Comprehensive Report

Bryce Harper has now retired from the long-awaited Dodgers, according to the latest news from Major League reporter Jesse Sanchez, Dodge's interest in him has revived, and now Dodge has again joined the competition, this financially strong. The Empire of Evil is likely to become the dark horse of the battle for Harbo, and it is deeper that Habo does not want to join the rumors about the Philadelphia.

Reporter Sanchez pointed out that a group of Dodge leaders had appeared in Harper's hometown of Gambling, Las Vegas, including chief coach Dave Roberts, to prepare for face-to-face meeting with Harbo. It is understandable that the current largest offer at the table is $ 330 million over 10 years, and Dodge can offer an equivalent or even higher loop proposal.

A few days ago, Philadelphia boss John Midleton took a private plane to the casino, the two sides had a deeper conversation, but Premier League correspondent Todd Zoletzky mentioned that there was still a stretch between the two countries. The distance and Harper himself does not seem to join the Philadelphia wishes.

According to sources, it is suggested that Harper really wants to join the Philadelphia, they had to agree to the highest offer offered by the Philadelphia because the reason why they did not promise is that the Philadelphia have always been contestants for division . Another factor is that Philadelphia is located in Pennsylvania, away from Las Vegas, Nevada, and the West Bank team has the advantage of being close to home.

The Dodgers made heavy trading late last December and sent four players, including Yassil Puig and Matt Kemp, to Redskins. He was supposed to be preparing for Harper, but at that time Dodge did not want to come up with a 10-year contract and eventually drop out of the battle for a loss of competitiveness, and finally changed AJ Pollock as a record-breaking field.

Dodge was always believed to have the strength to win the championship, and the team's salary was high in the league's front line, but it lost in the world race for two consecutive years and had a major influence on the top of the team. Completing Manny Machado, with the best league in the league, brought Dodge great pressure, after discussing it, the adults decided to dedicate themselves to the battle at Harbo, hoping to consolidate their position and point out the world championship. ,

In addition to the advantage of being close to home, Dodge is worth mentioning, and in the past Hampoo has shown he hopes to join a team that has won the championship among the teams that pursue Harbo, that's Dodge's record last years. The best. Unlike the Philadelphia, the giants and the white sox have no obvious record-breaking advantages, and now Dodge returns to the competition and makes the Habo battle culminate.

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