Thursday , July 29 2021

The event is no longer "Apex Hero" Twitch live viewing time is 75% less TechNews Technology News

When EA released the big Apex Legends escape game, it triggered a wave of enthusiasm and exceeded 10 million users in 72 hours and even broke the Fortnite rating, but such a spectacular event failed. The "Alpha Seeker" report may last too long, according to Google Trends and Twitchmetrics, which shows that Apex Hero's recent live shows have dropped significantly and even reached a new minimum of nearly 30,000 viewers over the past week. There are differences.

The StreamElements report also yields the same results. Although "Apex Heroes" had a total viewing time of 40 million hours in Twitch in the first week, their number was also very fast, dropping by 75% in just a few weeks. "Hero" has 10 million hours a week, although the release of Fortress Heroes was briefly touched at the beginning of the release, Fortress Heroes fans remained stable overall and may even increase as crowds return.

Demand for Alpha believes that the reasons for this may be related to how attention is being paid: Take the rise of fortune heroes as a wave of games around the world is almost entirely "organic" while "Apex Heroes" is paid at Respawn . After the fact that the main business and industry and trade, the game has arisen.

This may be good for the beginning, but competition in the future is not at all. In the fierce competitive environment of the great escape game, if there is no unique place to attract the players, it is not such an incomprehensible choice to follow the game's footsteps.

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