Sunday , June 20 2021

The government confirmed! Will Mischa, dean of the Forbidden Palace, did not accept the IOC chairman

Dean Sous Susan completed a new wave of cabinet officials, and the President of the Palace Museum will be appointed by the Director of the National Museum of History Wu Misha, and the Chairman of the Maritime Commission will be promoted by acting President and Chief of Maritime Patrol Li Jongwai. According to media reports, the director of the maritime patrol will be transferred from Chen Gwen, Deputy Director of the National Security Bureau.

After the dean of the new president of the Forbidden City, Chen Kianan, a former Dean of the post, was appointed by Deputy Director of the National Government, Li Jinghui, after National Assembly Dean Wu Jingcha, the director of the National Museum of History, was appointed a new dean of Forbidden City.

According to the report on the free electronic newsletter, before the creation of Su Shingang, the IOC Chief Executive Committee, high-ranking government officials were locked in Gaoying's defunct neighborhood, and Bi-Ling's legislature entered the cabinet. He will be chairman of the committee, but Guilin Billing refused to rely on the division of the legislature. After several considerations, Su Shi believes that the current Guards Officer, Li Jongwei, has experience in maritime practice and is currently Chairman of the IOC. Elected to the post of chairman.

Yuan Koala Yotaka's executive spokesman confirmed that both Wu Micha and Li Zhongwei's cases have been finalized, and as far as the patrol officer's candidate is concerned, they will respect the personal responsibility of the new IOC President and will be recruited after taking office of the new president.

(China Times Bulletin)

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