Saturday , February 4 2023

"The Legend of the Sword and the Knights of the Fourth BP" debuts in China today. Propaganda Exposure Film Shows Picture of Yongjiang Yujian – Bahamut Shuttle


iQiyi VR officially launches in China today, authorized by Daewoo Information, the RPG VR game "Fairy Swordsman VR", players will experience the sword in the sea of ​​clouds in the game world of Xianjian IV, in addition to the world of The Devil's Adventure.

The story of The Legend of the Sword and the Knight Knight VR describes the fall of Gyeonggua. The player is summoned by teacher Murong Ziing as a student of Xiu Xian and goes to the mountains with his brothers and sisters and fights the demon. The official said that in order to restore the sense of the world of the sword game, the R&D team strives to optimize stage and character skills, bringing a variety of visual experiences, including the vast sea of ​​clouds, the Palong city column and the desert area.

The official said that "Fairy Swordsman VR" uses first-person mode to describe the history of the game so that players have a deeper immersion through VR. The game combines motion capture technology in real life, hoping the character will have a more natural and realistic feel. Try to feel space in the sound effect.

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"Fairy Swordsman 4 VR" has already appeared in physical VR stores in Beijing and Shanghai, such as immersed in global VR.

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