Thursday , July 29 2021

The May 10 update for Windows 10 requires removal of external memory to install

Microsoft will give some tips to users about the upcoming Windows 10 update on May 10th. Officials say they will disable updates on computers that use USB storage or SD cards because "inappropriate disk partitions" can affect external and internal hard drives. In other words, while USB memory, the USB-connected external hard drive, SD and other external storage devices are removed, it can be installed as usual.

According to ZDNet, only the Windows 10 v1803 and v1809 versions released in April and October 2018 will be affected. If you have not upgraded to both system versions of your computer, you can ignore the appropriate reminders. Of course, it is best to follow the upgrade instructions from the system. Microsoft also said it would repair related issues before future updates.

One of the painful points in using Windows is the long and high-risk system upgrade process, but Microsoft has been actively improving this issue in recent years, including providing flexible options for installing and removing problematic updates.

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