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The Video Game / "The Dragon in Man" Is The New Job Not Far? Ming Yue Yang: Active Development TGS Game Show |

The "Eye of Judgment: The Last Words of Death" The General Supervisory Authority called more and more foreign lightning flashes that came to Taiwan for 4 hours to participate in the Taipei game. (Photo / Reporter Yang Dawai, Photo 2019.01.25)

The 2019 Players Area in Taipei, debuted on the 25th On the first day of the SEGA, "The Death Watch Supervisor: The Last Word of Death" was led by the Death of the Dead General Manager and came to Taiwan for to meet with a signature.

The "Eye of Judgment: The Last Words of Death" The general name of the leader is increasingly foreign. (Photo / Reporter Yang Dawai, Photo 2019.01.25)

This time, Mingyue's official supervision was very compact, and as soon as he left the plane on the 25th day, he immediately rushed to the videogame exhibition hall to hold a signature meeting that immediately after the interview returned to Japan. Time spent in Taiwan is less than 4 hours and also shows the importance attributed to this market in Taiwan.

Y Ming Yue Yuang interacts with fans. (Photo / Reporter Yang Dawai, Photo 2019.01.25)

At the signing meeting, the Mingyue Chief said that the usual activities in Taiwan are held in Taipei, and last year I went to Taichung for the first time to hold a signing meeting. I saw that many players came to try the game and their faces were full with smiles. He feels very happy. Although it was only a few hours before I came to Taiwan, I was very excited to see the fans, so I asked Taiwanese fans to give more advice.

After the signature, the name of Yue Yiyang and the lucky players took a group shot. (Photo / Reporter Yang Dawai, Photo 2019.01.25)

At the end of the meeting, the general manager of the name Yue also accepted interviews with Taiwanese media, including NOWnews, to talk about the release of the Eye of the Court: The Last Words of Death, as well as Ren Zhilong's studio even the future of SEGA. go.

Q: How has the market reaction started after the launch of "The Eye of Judgment: The Last Words of Death"?
Name is more than the ocean:Since it is not the same as the previous "The Dragon in Man", there are still some worries at first. But the market later reacted to make them very happy and the results were very good. Since the Dragon Man's reaction just appeared on the stage, it was actually relatively small, and later the series was slowly introduced and the players became more and more interesting. I also hope that the Eye of the Court: The last words of death can be such in the future.

Question: Is there a difference between Japan and the Asian market?
Name is more than the ocean:In fact, the result is almost the same. However, as Kimura Takuya is a Japanese actor, Japan's reaction is still slightly warmer than in Asia, and European and American circles are still uncertain. Taiwan's words just come to the Lunar New Year, and we hope there will be a new wave of discussions.

Question: This protagonist is with Kimura Takuya, and many players who are less inclined to connect with the game also buy games.
Name is more than the ocean:More reactions are still the original group of players once players who contacted Mr Kimura are light players. The initial reaction is not enthusiastic and may take some time to understand. After the ad campaign, however, I noticed that some fans are new faces and I am very happy.

Question: Did the Vietnamese general's supervisor hear Mr Kimura's reaction to the game after the announcement?
Name is more than the ocean:There are many things I have to say, and I'm currently using LINE to get in touch with him, but I'm a little involved in my private life, so I can not tell too much, but he's very pleased with the workflow and the results.

Question: I feel that the real woman in the game is called the first heroine The game does not have too many elements of love with the Eight Gods What does general observation look like?
Name is more than the ocean:The screenplay at the beginning had the elements of love for the Eight Gods and the True Winter but was concerned that it would make the tension elements weaker so that after the love review, the drama of the true winter and the Eight Gods were blotted out.

Question: This martial arts action is more interesting and exaggerated than the series "The Dragon in Man". How does this part of the overall supervision think about it?
Name is more than the ocean:After all, Kimura Takuya is a superstar, of course, she is very important. But in terms of games, if you are beautiful, it will make players feel that something is missing, so think about the fun elements. In the development of the game, I also hoped I would like to do it with Kimura I and the company.

The village of massive wood itself is also very good communication, he knows it is different on television and in the game.

Question: Before the sale, the General Supervisory Authority mentioned that the goal is to make the game the first, and now that the game is on sale, what will be the next step?
Name is more than the ocean:As for this part, I never thought I could think of much content. After all, this series is just the beginning, so I hope that if I first develop my work, maybe I will think about the next step. We attach great importance to the Asian market and we hope to use Asia as an important indicator, if we have good results on this market, we will look at the next section.

Q: What is the solution at first to prevent the series of Dragon of Man?
Name is more than the ocean:We also let Kiriou make themes like time drama, zombies, etc. But in the end, the Dragon of Man series has lasted for decades and is easy to limit in all aspects, including roles.

That's why we thought to use the same scene to make something different from the beginning, though the scene is also a sacred room, so we have to distinguish it from the dragon among the people before we decide not to make a dragon. I thought about letting them pass, but it would not rise, and fans of the Dragon Man series were also a little rough, so I finally gave up.

Question: If there is a continuation of the Eye of judgment, what part of the supervision is to improve?
Ming Yue Yang: In this work there are new elements in the series, such as tracking, investigating, and so on. The dragon of the series did not appear. Initially, the production team thought it was done, but after watching the player's reaction, I still hope that if there's enough time. You can do it a bit better.

In addition, the traditional traditional action action game, the main players will be more, but the "eye of the experience" client varies from light players to major players, the range is very wide, the control of the difficulty of the game also makes us headache, the future also adapts in that direction.

Question: I mentioned in FAMI that there are new plans, what is the current progress?
The name is becoming more foreign: Now that the new project is really underway, I hope the game mode can be different from the previous ones. These new elements can surprise the players, but they can not reveal too much.

Question: Is there any news about the Dragon Studio 2019 player?
Name is more than the ocean:Yes, but the same can not reveal too much. In fact, with the success of the "Dragon in Man" series, Now's status is now higher, so not only the "Dragon of Man" series, I also have to manage the project "New Sakura Wars" announced before, we do not want Just paying attention to the news and not paying attention to the quality of the game, then the new news will be played regularly and the quality of the game will be maintained.

Q: What can be revealed about the "New Sakura Wars" section?
Name is more than the ocean:The same can not be revealed too much, but we attach great importance to quality, after all, the war with cherry blossoms is also the old IS, and the game I hope to do can match the modern quality.

Question: In the "Eye of the Court," the small game "The Temple of the End" is presented in high resolution. Is there a chance to reproduce this series of "The Dragon of Man"?
Name is more than the ocean:Actually, this is a small service for fans in the development team. If you reproduce the version or transplant it, there is no plan at the moment.

Q: So there is a plan for the Chinese version of the Dragon in people: see the participation in Taiwan.
Name is more than the ocean:At present, all studios invest in developing the new "Dragon of Man" series, if there is extra effort, then this option is wild.

Q: Finally, please say something to the Taiwanese players.
Name is more than the ocean:We attach great importance to the Asian market and we are very enthusiastic about the meeting right now – every time we come to Taiwan, fans are so enthusiastic. In short, I am very grateful, then I will continue to work hard to launch new works that will please everyone and I would like to ask you to give more advice in the future.

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