Thursday , June 17 2021

Trump's attitude finally softens! Removing additional constraints for the continent, but still limiting investment

US US President Trump. (Photo / Reuters)

Toward US President Trump's attitude to investment in the continent is mitigated. (Photo / Reuters)

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US President Trump's attitude to continental investment has been mitigated and he has decided to dispel the idea of ​​the White House to impose severe constraints on the continent, but the attitude of the high-tech industries on the continent invested in the US is still quite strong.

According to CNBC, US Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin stressed on Wednesday that "we are treating the same matter and we treat it equally with other countries."Derek Nozis, an American Institute of Entrepreneurship scientist at Washington's think tank, says that although Trump avoids moving to Beijing, he still does not soften trade between the continent and the US technology industry.,

On Tuesday, Trump decided to allow the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS), which is in charge of reviewing foreign acquisitions of US companies, to manage the restrictions on Chinese investments in US companies, to abandon the tougher restrictions on supply to the continent and to pass on the hopes of the new bill proposed by Congress. Strengthen the authority of the commission to allow them to thoroughly investigate the threat of foreign investment in national security.

Tr ▼ President of the US Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, American-Chinese trade, Sino-US trade, Sino-US relations. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

Gave Trump dropped further strict restrictions on continental companies. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

The chairman of the US Foreign Investment Commission also said on Wednesday that the best way to protect US technology is to act in accordance with existing laws and not to use administrative means. Shi Jiandao said:"Of course we do not want to buy them from other countries, but these countries have no money and we should not stop North Korea from buying US technology because you can not buy it with rice."

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