Monday , June 14 2021

US rates for extended class blasting shorts! Offshore RMB once increased more than 1000 points, broke the "7" mark | Anue Haoheng – Monetary currency

Tuesday (13th) After the USTR represented a delay in the 10 percent tariff on mobile phones, laptops and other products, the offshore RMB (CNH) jumped over 1,000 points against the US dollar and once sampled $ 1 a day. The offshore RMB's overall mark against 7.0.

The U.S. Trade Representative's Office announced on Tuesday (13th) that it will set a 10% tax rate on the $ 300 billion tariff list for China for China on September 1. Mobile phones, laptops, some clothing, footwear and other products will be delayed until December 15 and reclassified with tariffs, the offshore RMB and the BBC have escaped.

By 10pm in the evening, offshore yuan against the US dollar rose 1.24% to US $ 1 against 7,0147 offshore RMB, during the day the offshore RMB once jumped over 1,000 points, the lowest to 6 , 9912.

US Dollar vs. Offshore 15-Minute Graph Source:
US Dollar vs. Offshore 15-Minute Graph Source:

In addition to the announcement by the US Trade Representative, US and Chinese representatives also came for additional dialogue on Tuesday (13). On Tuesday (13th), Chinese Trade Consultant Liu He and U.S. Trade Representative Wright Hayes, US Treasury Secretary Menchin, formally spoke about the $ 300 billion White House tariff on September 1.

However, at present, the United States and China have not further explained the content of the Communication, nor indicated whether further consultation results have been achieved.

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